Mother Of A Son With Special Needs Drives Her Car Into A River In A Horrific Murder-Suicide

Mother Of A Son With Special Needs Drives Her Car Into A River In A Horrific Murder-Suicide

Connie Crowell was offered help by a boater but the woman declined it.

In a horrific turn of events, one mother from Connecticut took the life of her own son and herself. According to People, Connie Crowell and her son Jack drowned in the Housatonic River on 31 July 2020. Recently, the authorities clarified that the incident was a murder-suicide. As per the investigation, a boater saw the mother driving the vehicle into the water. Though the boater attempted to help the mother and son duo, Crowell declined the offer, according to WFSB

Seymour Deputy Police Chief Roberto Rinaldi stated, 'On the day of the incident, a boater who was in the area, observed the vehicle go into the water and went to assist and provide rescue efforts." He added, "The boater made numerous attempts to rescue the occupants of the vehicle. However, Connie Crowell refused to acknowledge or accept the boater's assistance and rescue efforts."


The police stated that the mother deliberately steered the vehicle towards the water. The car containing the mother and the 22-year-old with special needs entered the water near Roosevelt Drive in Seymour around 4 p.m. By the time, the rescuers reached the location to assist the mother and son, the car was already upside down. The mother and son were still wearing seatbelts when the divers finally found them. 

"After a lengthy investigation by the Seymour Police Detective Division, this incident has been determined (a) homicide/suicide," said the Deputy Police Chief. 

The death of the mother and son caused a lot of pain in society. The 54-year-old closely worked with Alcohol and Drug Awareness of Monroe (ADAM), a group that educates young children who may be prone to substance abuse. Joseph Kobza, the former principal of Masuk High School shared fond memories of working with her. 


"She volunteered her time, pretty much my whole time at Masuk. If it wasn't on ADAM, it was the Parents Council. She was one of the driving forces in coordinating our forum on underage drinking," said Kobza, according to People. 


Kobza also recounted Jack and recounted him as someone very cheerful. "Everybody loved Jack. He was always happy, always smiling. He just brightened up everyone's days," said Kobza. 



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