Mother-In-Law Deliberately Wears Wedding Gown Identical To The Bride, Gets Called Out Publicly

Mother-In-Law Deliberately Wears Wedding Gown Identical To The Bride, Gets Called Out Publicly

Many social media users initially thought it was double wedding.

The bride is usually the center of attention on her big day. So, most brides ensure that they stand out and look beautiful on the day of their wedding. However, a viral post on Facebook showed the picture of a mother-in-law who wore a similar bridal gown to her daughter-in-law. Facebook users are calling her out for stealing the bride's thunder. 

According to the Daily Mail, a mother-in-law who is believed to be from South America wore an identical wedding gown like her son's wife. The mother-in-law even posed for a photograph with the couple. The picture that resurfaced on That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming (Non Ban happy) Facebook group showed the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law on either side of the groom.


While the bride wore a bustier gown cinched with a gem-encrusted belt along with a veil and drop earrings, the mother-in-law wore a similar gown with bigger earings and no veil. 

The picture that first appeared in a local newspaper also featured the bride's mother in a blue dress. Obviously, she did not appear very pleased with the situation. 

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"This was on a local newspaper where the rich like to brag about their expensive parties. The newspaper printed the names, and then someone put the caption 'when your MIL hates you,'" wrote the woman who shared the image on the Facebook group. 

The picture garnered a lot of attention online and people did not shy away from criticizing the mother-in-law's humiliating act. Some even said that it looked like she wanted to marry her son. "A mean in law can be worse than a hopeless husband. This is sooooo wrong," wrote one user.

Others discussed the audacity of the mother-in-law that made her choose the same dress as the bride. 

"White or no white, we can agree with one rule: do not wear a wedding dress to a wedding unless you are the bride," wrote one user. Another stated, "Not just any wedding dress. IT'S THE SAME DRESS!"

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"Bruh, he looks just like his mom, too. Damn, bitch he already has your face, you can’t let him have one day?" wrote one furious user.

Meanwhile, some thought it was the image from a double wedding. "I thought it was a double wedding before reading the caption. Lol," wrote one. Another stated, "I thought this was a polygamist couple. Mom definitely looks like a second bride." 

Many others wondered why the bride did not have a best friend at the wedding who could damage the mother-in-law's dress. 


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