Fiancee & Mother-In-law Refuse To Allow Groom's 9YO Sister With Cerebral Palsy Be Flower Girl Because It's "Wrong"

Fiancee & Mother-In-law Refuse To Allow Groom's 9YO Sister With Cerebral Palsy Be Flower Girl Because It's "Wrong"

The groom stated his sister was excited to be the flower girl and he was not going to hurt her by replacing her with someone else.

People with disabilities are often subjected to a lot of hurtful comments. While some pass remarks unintentionally, others tend to do it purposefully. Either way, the person with disability gets hurt and feels excluded. One groom was shocked when his mother-in-law refused to make his sister the flower girl for the wedding and said some pretty insensitive things about her. 

The groom took to Reddit to narrate a series of events that took place as a part of his wedding planning. He started the post by saying that his mother-in-law was very much involved in his wedding planning. "Mine (M23) and my fiancee's (F22) wedding is this month. Wedding planning has been literally a nightmare. Her mom keeps stomping boundaries and changes any plans we come up with to have a "decent" wedding and not let me "ruin" it and embarrass her," wrote the groom. 

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He further went on to say he and his fiance had agreed on making his 9-year-old sister with cerebral palsy the flower girl for the wedding. "She has mild cerebral palsy but she's functioning and does good at school. She's had people make comments about her and she's very sensitive so she'd get upset because of these inconsiderate people's comments," wrote the groom, according to the Reddit post. 

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His sister was excited to a part of the ceremony and the little girl even got the perfect dress for her brother's big day. "My sister's is on cloud nine ever since she was told she will be the flower girl. She got her dress and so far she's tried it on more than 5 times asking me when I'm going to have the wedding which is sweet," wrote the groom. 

However, the events that followed were unexpected. The mother-in-law introduced changes and told the groom that he had to incorporate them to save herself and themselves from "embarrassment."

Compelled by his fiance, the groom took in his mother-in-law's suggestions in case of the menu and the invitation cards. But the insensitive mother-in-law took things to a whole new level when she claimed he picked the "wrong" girl as the flower girl. 

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"My fiancee told me these are small issues and that I needed to go with the flow. Okay no problem but to suggest that we picked the "wrong" girl to be the flower girl was the straw that broke the camel's back. She actually said she wasn't sure how my sister will behave at the wedding and that we shouldn't take chance and just pick her niece instead," wrote the man. 

The furious groom told his mother-in-law and his fiance that he was not going to replace his sister for anyone else. "I told her no not gonna happen. Like I gave my parents and my sister my word. no way I'm going to make her upset and sad and let the niece take her place," wrote the 23-year-old. 

He added, "My fiancee threw a fit and said I was overreacting. That my sister still gets to wear her dress but sit with the crowd instead of walking down the aisle."

He told users that the disagreement led to a lot of arguments with his fiancee. He later updated the readers and stated that his mother-in-law thought his sister should not be included even if they had more than one flower girl. 

"She wants her sitting like a guest the whole time thinking she might "misbehave" where in fact my sister isn't like that at all. She's well-behaved and smart even better than other kids. My fiancee seems to agree since she wants me to say yes," wrote the loving brother.

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Reddit users accused the mother-in-law of overstepping her boundaries. They encouraged the young man to stand his ground for his little sister. Some thought his fiancee might be using her mother to express her own opinions. 

"I’d definitely push back the wedding and not marry her until you get things figured out, or you break up with her. Any partner that lets their parents have a say in the relationship is not someone I’d want to be with. She is your partner, and she needs to stand up to her mother," wrote one.