Mother-In-Law Gifts Edibles That Daughter-In-Law Is Allergic To On Purpose, Calls Later To Ask If She "Liked" It

Mother-In-Law Gifts Edibles That Daughter-In-Law Is Allergic To On Purpose, Calls Later To Ask If She "Liked" It

The basket of edibles was supposed to be a gift for Easter but not a thoughtful one.

The relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law can be quite complicated. Yes, there are many examples of how loving and understanding this relationship can turn out to be but there are also a number of instances that can make you shiver with fright. One such instance came to light when a Redditor posted her story about how her mother-in-law basically gifted her a basket Easter.

The Redditor, who goes by the name the-clumsiest-occupi, began her story by reminding readers of her miserable relationship with her mother-in-law. It emerged that this was not the first instance in which she was targetted but there have been other cases too.

She started by saying: "If you’ve read my past posts, you’ll know my MIL despises me. She’ll do any little thing to jab at me, and this one has me dying laughing." Well, if she had consumed the gift, she may have actually died.

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She wrote that she was mildly allergic to peanuts and gets rashes on her neck if she consumes any, and that she was also lactose-intolerant. Thankfully, as she wrote, she has 'never gone into anaphylactic shock' but that is beside the point. She told her readers that her mother-in-law is well aware of both her allergies, implying that her gift was not accidental.

She said that her mother-in-law came over and dropped Easter gifts for both her and her husband. "My husbands basket had a card and a gas card, as well as some special candies he likes," she wrote. But her gift basket contained something else. She wrote: "Mine had Reese’s peanut butter cups, a nesquik chocolate milk, roasted almonds, and some chocolate covered peanut clusters. I pulled everything out and just laughed."

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She said that her husband just shook his head, in disappointment, but that was not all. The next day, her mother-in-law called them on the phone. She wrote: "Today, she called him to ask how we liked our baskets. He says “do you not remember that OP is allergic to peanuts?” And she goes “oh, is She?” In the most fake voice ever."

Now, one cannot help but wonder why would someone do such a thing knowingly. She, however, knows that her mother-in-law is capable of doing such a thing and hence she wrote: "I can’t help but laugh. How ridiculous, that she took the time to put together and spend money on an entire basket that I can’t eat, and that my husband won’t eat either to keep it safe. I’m going to have my husband just bring it all to my grandpas when he drops his groceries off this weekend, at least someone will eat them."

Looking at some more of her stories, one feels aghast at the kind of relationship they have had. In a post she wrote 2 months ago, she talked about how when she got pregnant, instead of supporting her, her mother-in-law had blamed her for ruining her son's life.

In the earlier thread, she wrote: "When we told my MIL. She burst into turns. I was shocked, I thought “my god, she’s happy. I can’t believe she’s this happy”. I was wrong. She looked at me and said “how could you do you this to my son? You did this on purpose!” She then turned to my husband and said “it’s not too late. There are things we can do.” My husband looked so sad. Even while I’m writing this he’s just sitting in his office talking to his dad, and he sounds so defeated."

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According to her mother-in-law, she could not be a good mother because she grew up without one. She was raised by a single dad and hence, her mother-in-law did not think she will be able to raise a child well. Not something one would hope for from a relationship, is it?