Annoyed Mother-In-Law Grudgingly Feeds A Very Drunk Groom At Her Daughter's Wedding

Annoyed Mother-In-Law Grudgingly Feeds A Very Drunk Groom At Her Daughter's Wedding

Though she appeared angry, she sat next him feeding him as he turned and twisted his head, too drunk to sit up straight.

With lots of food, booze, and dance, weddings are always fun. While it is quite normal to see guests enthusiastically treating themselves to alcohol, not always do we find the groom or the bride sloshed on their big day. However, a video that surfaced the internet showed a drunk groom who had to be fed by his very own mother-in-law. The woman who appeared angry with her son-in-law's demeanor sat calmly next to him feeding him as he struggled to keep his head still. 

According to Daily Mail, a groom believed to be from Scotland was so drunk on his wedding day that he had to be hand-fed by his visibly annoyed mother-in-law during the reception.


"I had a few beers and glasses of fizz before this but I think a big factor for the drunkenness was the emotion from the day. I had just completed my speech and everything hit me," said the groom quoted Mirror Online.

The groom admitted that he was highly embarrassed by the video and appreciated his mother-in-law for being there for him. He thanked his best man, usher and his wife whom he referred to as his best friend for helping him recover as he feared things would have been worse if was not for their help.

The amusing video that went viral showed the groom barely able to keep his eyes open. Dressed in a shirt and a waistcoat and seated at the dinner table, the groom was seen sitting close to his new mother-in-law with his head slightly tilted. His mother-in-law who was not very impressed by the groom's behavior was seen feeding him food.

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At one point, when the groom seems to have food dangling out of his mouth, the mother-in-law shoves it into his mouth while he appears to have no sense of surrounding. The woman who later realized she was being filmed suddenly gave an awkward thumbs up and continued attending to the sloshed groom.

However, based on the groom's comments, everything was smooth during the wedding. "The woman feeding me is my mother-in-law who is the best mother-in-law in the world. Before the video, I got married but was in good shape, during the ceremony which we spoke our own vows. After the ceremony, we had about two hours of free booze and it was fairly hot for Scotland with the sun shining on us at our amazing wedding location," said the groom quoted Mirror Online.

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He went on to say how his dear ones tried to keep him awake for the wedding reception. The determined family and friends tried everything from slapping him to pouring water over him. Their struggles did pay off but the groom who woke up from the sleep went out to walk up a hill but soon returned to the venue on the persuasion of his dear ones. 

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The video that became hugely popular caught the attention of many. "She didn't look too happy but it shows what a beautiful person she is inside with a big heart. Kudos mother in law," wrote one while another wrote, "Mother in law had a look of 'really this is the guy you married?' Like the groom, most people applauded the mother-in-law for keeping her calm. However, some others criticized him for being drunk on his big day. "It’s great to celebrate. It’s stupid to get so drunk you can’t function," wrote one on Facebook.