Mom-in-law Encourages Married Son With 2 Kids To Date Other Women & Asks His Wife To Get A Job To Support Their Kids

Mom-in-law Encourages Married Son With 2 Kids To Date Other Women & Asks His Wife To Get A Job To Support Their Kids

A mother-in-law took things to the next level by asking her son to see other women even though he was still married and was supposed to care for his children.

Mother-in-law tales are often painful to listen to. Some stories even make you wonder if there are people with such characters and attitudes. This tale will surely leave you feeling the same.

One daughter-in-law who has had enough of bad experiences from her mother-in-law took to Reddit to tell her story. She said her brother-in-law had impregnated his girlfriend but her mother-in-law did not want the couple to marry before her son's graduation from the military school. "I'll start by telling the story of my husband's only full biological brother (we will call him BIL): a few years ago, he impregnated his girlfriend (we will call her SIL). MIL likes to be involved and control every situation. MIL told SIL that she couldn't marry BIL until after he had graduated from his military academy," wrote the user. 

However, the girlfriend gave birth before the brother-in-law graduated. The mother-in-law, who was in favor of their relationship, did not want others to know of her son's newborn. She kept telling people that she was watching a friend's baby and avoided any situation to claim her relation to the baby. 

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Soon, the mother-in-law allowed her son to get married to his girlfriend. The controlling mother-in-law organized the ceremony at her house. "Then, MIL allowed them to get married, and SIL wore one of MIL's dresses (not a wedding dress) and it took place at MIL's house under her control," wrote the user. 

After the passing of two years, the brother-in-law and his wife began having issues in their marriage. They were stressed regarding their two kids who were diagnosed with autism and was also disturbed by the mother-in-law. "Fast forward 2 years: SIL and BIL are having issues in their marriage, arguing over MIL and also have added stresses from having 2 toddlers diagnosed with autism," wrote the woman.

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Instead of stepping in to resolve her son's marriage problem, the mother-in-law gives him the worst advice. She tells her son that he needs to start seeing other people. "At this point, MIL steps in and counsels BIL to start dating and seeing other women. She says things like, "the era of SIL is over," and "SIL will have to get a job now to support herself and those kids".

Though the couple is still married and has kids of their own, the insensitive mother-in-law wants her son to start dating again. The woman stated that she even ran the extra mile by going and telling her extended family that her son should date again. "MIL to this day (years later) encourages BIL to date other people and tells everyone else in the family he should date others as well. I have heard her state this as recently as a month ago. As a reminder, BIL and SIL are still very much married," stated the woman.

The woman even gave a backstory on her mother-in-law. She told users that her husband of three years warned her of her mother-in-law even before their first meeting. She said he told her that she was a crazy person. "My fiance (now husband of 3 years) told me "she is CRAZY" speaking of his mother BEFORE I ever met her. I chose to give my MIL the benefit of the doubt despite the warnings from my husband and his adopted ex-sister," wrote the woman. But, the woman did not want to form an opinion before seeing her. However, her experiences then proved her husband was right. She stated that her mother-in-law was on her third marriage and has four sons from different fathers. The woman even said she was known for "manipulative tactics" and "two-faced" personality. 

Reddit users who read the story were shocked. They immediately responded in favor of the girlfriend and the woman. "Yikes your MIL is a creep. For real. Your poor SIL," wrote one user. Another person wrote, "SIL is a pretty strong woman, as are you. MIL is a piece of shit."

Others even shared their own experiences. Some said they have had their mother-in-law encourage their married husbands to date. "Yeah, I would believe that mother in laws would encourage their married son's to date because my mother in law believing that I'm jealous will in her trauma bond attacks, tell my husband he needs friends and will only mention women," wrote one.