Mom-in-law Drops Woman's 12 HOUR Old Baby On The Ground After Accusing The New Mom Of Cheating On Her Son

Mom-in-law Drops Woman's 12 HOUR Old Baby On The Ground After Accusing The New Mom Of Cheating On Her Son

The mother did not imagine her mother-in-law would drop her newborn on the floor because of the baby's skin color.

Most mothers-in-law tales are not complete without some element of drama. Though many of us try to work it out with them, it is impossible to ignore their insensitive behavior. One woman took to Reddit to describe the story of her in-laws who seemed to have crossed all the lines. 

She told Reddit users that she had recently given birth. The mother stated that she is Native American and her husband is Norwegian. She then went on to describe the shocking incident that involved her mother-in-law who came to visit the newborn at the hospital. Having seen the baby, the mother-in-law was not happy.

The woman accused the mother of cheating on her husband. "So I just gave birth and am currently sitting in the hospital still, my MIL came to visit and see the baby. Now I'm a very pale Native American and I look Irish and not Native and my SO is a Norwegian man. When she is handed my baby she looks at him and says "he's not SOs, he's too dark to be SOs, I must have cheated," wrote the mother on Reddit. 

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The event that followed was unexpected. After her unwanted accusations, the mother-in-law dropped the newborn on the ground. Fortunately, there was a doctor present in the room and immediately examined the baby. Shocked by the in-law's action, the doctor called in the security.

"This woman then proceeds to DROP MY CHILD with the doctor in the room. Keep in mind this is a newborn who isn't even 12 hours old. My doctor then calls security and him and one of the nurses take my baby out of the room to be examined for damage," wrote the woman. She ended the post by saying her mother-in-law was currently in jail. "I am still seething with anger at what she has done, she's in jail right now," added the woman, according to Reddit.

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Reddit users were quick to respond to the story and did not show any sympathy to the mother-in-law. Horrified by her act, users asked the mother to cut ties with her. Many stated they were glad some action was taken against her cruel act. "I’m so sorry she did this to you and your baby. You are not overreacting. Even if you had cheated (I know you didn’t I’m just saying ... ) to do that to an innocent baby is absolutely horrendous. You DON'T punish an innocent baby like that, it’s horrendous," wrote one user.

Another said, "Glad to hear that she is in Jail. If that isn't a cause to go No Contact, I don't know what is. I am so sorry you are going through this," according to Cafe Mom