Mother Grieving Over Unborn's Death Distraught After In-Laws & Husband Blame Her For Choosing Her Life Over The Baby

Mother Grieving Over Unborn's Death Distraught After In-Laws & Husband Blame Her For Choosing Her Life Over The Baby

Her husband supported her initially but showed her true colours later.

Losing a child is terrifying and painful for any mother. It is even worse when you were forced to choose between your life and the baby's life. One mother had to go through this unfortunate phase of making such a decision and even losing her child. However, that was not the end. She was then left to be scrutinized by her inlaws and her own husband, who knew the helpless situation she was in.  

According to Cafe Mom, the woman and her husband got unexpectedly pregnant. But the couple was thrilled by the news and looked forward to welcoming their baby. But when it was time to give birth, they were told about some complications. They had no idea what was in store for them. Soon, the mother was told that it was either her life or the baby's. Worried about her life, the mother told the medical staff to fix her problem first and then to focus on saving the baby.

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"Unfortunately, due to complications during the birth, it came down to either my life or the [baby's], and I, terrified for my life, told the nurses to fix the complication first (it's very rare) and then try to save the baby," stated the woman, recalling the incident in Reddit, according to Cafe Mom. The doctors then went ahead and did emergency surgery. Sadly, the surgery led to the loss of the child.

Although she was upset by the death of her baby, she was relieved to get her life back. Her husband also stood by her and the decision she made at the time of the complication

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"I had to undergo emergency surgery, but in doing so, resulting in the loss of my beautiful baby. In the moment, my husband and I were both okay with my decision and grateful that I survived, but upset over the loss of our child," said the mother. according to Cafe Mom. 

However, the events that followed shocked the grieving mother. Her family and friends stood by her and consoled her but her inlaws were furious. They blamed the woman and stated she was responsible for the death of her baby.

"But his parents were furious. They said that I was a horrible woman and was a terrible mother for letting my child die. His mother specifically said that she would give her life for her children and that I was a selfish, cold-hearted [expletive]," stated the woman, according to Cafe Mom. 

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The remarks from her inlaws broke her. The woman, who was already in a lot of anguish felt even worse about her choice. "This made me feel even worse about my choice and I became very depressed," stated the mother.

But matters took an ugly turn when her husband suddenly sided with his parents. Instead of standing up for her, he followed her parents in pointing fingers at her and her integrity. He alienated her and left her helpless. 

"During this time, my husband began to turn on me and said that he wasn't sure if he wanted to create a family with someone who didn't care about her children. He says that what I did was selfish and that he doesn't trust me anymore," wrote the woman.

She added, "I feel so alone, even with the support of my family." With insults and criticism pointed her way, the grieving mother even started doubting her decision and the woman she is.

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Many who read her tale on Reddit were shocked by the way she was being treated by her partner and his family. They assured her she was right and even told her it was time to think if she was with the right person.

"Honestly I am so sorry you had to go through this and I am sorry for your loss. But choosing to save your own life is in no way a bad choice. And if your husband would rather you had died giving birth, I think you should seriously reconsider your marriage," wrote one user, according to Cafe Mom. Others too chimed in and some called her in-laws selfish as well.