7-Month-Old Baby Freezes To Death After His Mother Forgets Him In The Balcony For 5 Hours

7-Month-Old Baby Freezes To Death After His Mother Forgets Him In The Balcony For 5 Hours

A mother forgot her newborn in the balcony. She apparently wanted her son to have a better sleep breathing the fresh air.

Parents always keep a close eye on their little ones. It is normal for a parent to freak out when the house is quiet than usual. However, a family in Russia just forgot their newborn in the balcony. When they realized their mistake, it was already too late.

According to BBC News, a seven-month-old baby from Nikolayevsk-on-Amur in eastern Russia was left on the balcony when the temperature outside was as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Though the baby's family left him outside to sleep in the fresh air as per common practices in the region, they forgot about the baby. Five hours later, the newborn was dead inside in his stroller.

The Daily Mail reported that it was a 40-year-old mother who put her son in the balcony. The mother intended to take the baby inside after a few minutes. However, she lost track of time. When she finally realized and got him in, she saw that the baby showed no signs of life.


Investigations into the child's death found that the baby died due to hypothermia. They stated the kid had frozen to death. The incident caused the region's health ministry to issue a statement advising parents not to leave their kids unattended in the cold. It said, "Always know where and with whom [your child] is. Do not pass by if another child is in danger - in winter a child who is lost or injured on the street can very quickly become a victim of low temperatures." The statement also mentioned a lot of children in the eastern Khabarovsk region were becoming victims of their parents' negligence and ignorance. The ministry then highlighted the need to follow basic safety rules.


However, the practice of leaving kids in the cold is common in many countries such as Russia, Norway, and Finland. According to the belief, kids will be able to sleep better with fresh air. They also believe that the newborns will be free of cough and cold.

Meanwhile, the incident has caused an outrage on social media. People are finding it difficult to let go of the mother's negligence and carelessness. They were not ready to believe a parent could forget their little child. "Liar!!! How the hell do you forget your baby?" wrote one user. Another said, "This is sad and one story that I find hard to believe. Nobody would leave a 7-month-old baby outside in freezing cold unattended. God has another angel in heaven."