Mom Loses Newborn After Midwives Argue With Each Other During Delivery & Neglect The Baby|"We Will Never Get Over" It

Mom Loses Newborn After Midwives Argue With Each Other During Delivery & Neglect The Baby|"We Will Never Get Over" It

"The attitude was very laid back. There was no care, I felt like I didn’t matter to her," is how Adele Thomas described the mid-wife

A mother counts the days leading to her delivery and hopes to see the face of her baby. One mother had similar hopes but it was all crushed because of the carelessness of the medical staff. According to Metro, Adele Thomas lost her son, Zak Ezra just days after his birth.


Adele was turned away by the staff at a birth center in Ystrad Mynach, Wales stating she was not ready for the delivery. "Initially being turned away by staff was really scary for me because I knew how far gone I was and how quick things were progressing," according to Metro.

The 25-year-old further stated, "And when they told me to walk to Tesco, which is a fair way, to help things progress, well, I just thought that was stupid. I could barely move as it was but what choice did I have? I could hardly find another hospital at that point."


Finally, the pregnant woman was admitted and thought she was now in safe hands with a qualified midwife by her side. However, the events that followed were just unexpected. "The attitude was very laid back. There was no care, I felt like I didn’t matter to her," said Adele. Soon, another midwife joined and the situation went out of hands.

Recalling the incident, Adele said, "She argued with the first midwife and handled me really roughly. At one point she pushed my legs back so far my knees were touching my shoulders. I still get pain from that today." She added, "She also told my mum and Stephen to shut up because her voice was 'the only one that needed to be heard.'"

Adele further stated that her baby was trapped in the birth canal but the midwives were too busy arguing with each other.  "When Zak had been crowning for 35 minutes they said they wanted to cut me to help get him out. I remember them arguing between themselves and there didn’t seem to be any rush," said Adele.

She added, "My contractions ended, but they were too late to make the cut by then so I had to use all my strength to push him out. When Zak arrived he was red in the face and completely pale from the neck down. He looked like he was made out of porcelain." 

Adele and her partner, Stephen Carter was stunned after seeing their baby. However, the midwives did not explain anything to the couple. Instead, they took the baby to the resuscitation room.

The couple panicked and did not know what was happening. They were uncertain if their baby boy was going to be okay. However, soon enough Adele heard the sirens of amumblances. Unaware of what was happening, she asked the midwives if her kid was going to be alright. But they did not answer the worried mother. 

Minutes later, the newborn was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport. Though the medics at the hospital did everything they could to save the baby, he passed away.  

"They did everything they could for Zak. Unfortunately, he passed away in our arms. That was the first time we actually got to hold him," said the mother.


The incident that took place in 2018 came to light after a report about the event was published. It revealed shocking details on how the baby was subjected to negligence. The findings of the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, which manages the delivery unit said that midwives showed "disinterest" and a "lack of urgency". 

"When the doctors got to the resuscitation room they found Zak lying on a table. The two midwives, meant to be working on him, were hugging at the back of the room," according to Metro. 

The report also stated that the midwives did not even monitor the baby's heart rate properly. Moreover, they did not work together and ended up arguing which led to the delaying of the baby's resuscitation.


The health board apologized to the couple and said, "The investigation findings have been shared openly with Zak’s parents and the health board has sincerely apologized for the failings in care. Our condolences and deepest sympathy are with Zak’s parents and family."

The couple is now parents to a 10-month-old daughter. However, they are still not over the loss of their baby boy. "It has taken a long time and a lot of work to deal with what happened. To go into labor with a healthy baby boy, only to walk out of the hospital with nothing but the paperwork regarding Zak’s death is something we will never get over," said Adele. The couple is also prepping for an inquest into the incident.