Mother Fighting Cancer Breaks Down In Tears When Her Son Surprises Her On Christmas Eve

Mother Fighting Cancer Breaks Down In Tears When Her Son Surprises Her On Christmas Eve

Debora Hendry did not expect her son to visit as he could not afford to buy the expensive flight tickets. However, her son knew what she wanted the most and surprised her.

Sitting in a room filled with laughter and giggles of the holiday season along with your family is something special. Words cannot express that joy of togetherness and most of us look forward to the holidays to experience it. A mother from Nebraska too yearned to enjoy that time with her family but her son could not always make it. However, this Christmas, he surprised his sick mother with the greatest gift she ever wanted.

According to Daily Mail, Debora Hendry, the mother of six was diagnosed with lung cancer four years after her son, Jacob moved to California in 2014 to pursue his studies at UC Berkeley. The young man who could not afford the expensive flight tickets could not come home very often. "I've been in California for 5 years now, and I think I've made it back for two Christmases. Being a full-time student, it's hard to come up with the money for flights," said the young man to the Daily Mail.



Meanwhile, the news of his mother's illness devastated him. "When we received the diagnosis, it hit me hard. Being so far away from all your loved ones during a time like this was almost unbearable," said Jacob. Knowing that his mother was unwell, Jacob contemplated if he should discontinue his studies and get back home. However, he knew his mother would not want him to do so. So, the young man decided to surprise his mother. Having no money for a flight ticket, he borrowed it from a friend to see his unwell mother.


"I hadn't been home in so long... I think it had been a year since I saw her last. It was very difficult to come home for the holidays, we simply didn't have the money. I didn't think I would be able to make it until I was able to borrow the money at the last minute. I purchased a ticket and decided to surprise my mom by showing up on Christmas Eve," said the son. He continued, "This was the first time I had seen her since the diagnosis, and I have not seen her since."

Soon, Jacob got a flight and flew 1500 miles to see his mother who feared it would be her last holiday. On Christmas Eve, the Mechanical Engineering student rang the doorbell of his house.


His mother could not believe her son was at her door. She shouted, "Oh my god - you lied to me!" and hugged her dear boy. Overcome with emotions, she then burst into tears. His sister Becky captured the emotional video.

Jacob, along with the entire family celebrated Christmas like it should be celebrated. He then returned to California hoping the best for his mother's recovery. Though the family was initially worried about the finances to support Debora's treatment, the University of Nebraska Medical Centre was kind enough to offer her free treatment. "It was the most aggressive therapy possible. Despite the fact that she has no insurance, they decided to treat her for free," said Jacob.

After a year of aggressive treatment and radiation, Debora is now cancer-free. Jacob is grateful to the facility that enabled her free treatment. Despite the fact that she has no insurance, they decided to treat her for free. We're all incredibly grateful for their work. It's the only reason she's alive today." said Jacob. "Mom received the news that she was in remission around January of this year. She has been monitored regularly to this day and still shows no signs of cancer!"

 Jacob told Daily Mail that he reunited with his family again for Christmas after a year.