Mom With Low Immunity Due To Chemo Feared She Would Die Of Coronavirus & Was Forced To Separate From 7YO Daughter

Mom With Low Immunity Due To Chemo Feared She Would Die Of Coronavirus & Was Forced To Separate From 7YO Daughter

Dr. Laura Noonan already had a rare blood disease. She believes she would die if she contracted the virus.

Coronavirus has claimed lives and isolated many from their dear ones. One mother who already went through a lot was forced to be separated from her little daughter due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Mirror Online, Dr. Laura Noonan suffered from a rare blood disease. Due to the unavailability of a particular type of chemotherapy and stem cell treatment in her country, Ireland, the mother of one traveled to Russia every three to four months for her treatments. However, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, the mother is back in the ICU that she left a few weeks ago.

The woman who traveled back to Ireland on 2 February 2020 was moved to isolation immediately after a co-passenger was suspected of being infected. Having pre-existing medical conditions, she fears that she would die if she contracted the virus. "I think I’ll be exposed to coronavirus through staff even [though there are] no visitors allowed," said the woman, according to Mirror Online.


Meanwhile, being away from her 7-year-old whom she loves dearly has caused her more pain. She shared a heart-wrenching image of her daughter and her mother looking up at her from the road outside her isolation ward at the hospital. "That’s my little girl [Freya] and mother waving up to me in isolation on the second floor of the hospital from the footpath below. She is only seven. We can’t see each other because of Covid-19 visiting restrictions," said the mother according to Irish Mirror

She continued, "This is the face and bravery of one child in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. This is possibly one of the saddest photos I have ever taken. My mother and Freya, two of the strongest women I know, standing outside the hospital waving up at me, talking on the phone and even trying to take a family selfie from a two-story height difference", according to Mirror Online. 

She then went on to say how it was not new in her life due to the illness she was suffering from. "I am always in isolation in the hospital due to my lack of a functioning immune system from the chemo and other medications. This time I can’t see anyone. Nobody [is allowed] in or out of the hospital without security clearance. This time it was sprung on us with no real warning. I was told along the grapevine on Friday that no more visitors were allowed," said the mother to Irish Mirror.


However, she mentioned there was an uncertainty that she faced with the coronavirus. “There was a defined period it would last for and I knew when my numbers picked up enough I would be reunited with them albeit with each of us gowned and masked. This is so different. This time there is no defined period," said the heartbroken mother.

Recalling her strenuous times with health problems, she said, "My family has been called to say their goodbyes a few times. Two weekends ago my husband [Archie] thought I wasn’t going to wake from the coma and I did. I was almost angry at first as I thought I was only living to die another day and I had already put up with so much I couldn’t face any more," according to Mirror Online.

Though she was discouraged before, she said she gathered her strength to remain alive for her daughter. "I’m ready to fight for my daughter again," said the woman, according to Mirror Online.

She further went on to accuse the authorities of their improper management and late control measures. "This is the reality of lockdown Ireland... Of coronavirus Ireland... Of badly managed, shambolically handled virus containment," said the woman, according to Mirror Online.