Mom With Newborn Left Broken After Husband Cheated While She Was Pregnant & Left Calling Them A "Big Mistake"

Mom With Newborn Left Broken After Husband Cheated While She Was Pregnant & Left Calling Them A "Big Mistake"

An anonymous woman thought her husband would be there for her all throughout her life. But months after giving birth to their son, he left her.

Having a loyal partner who loves you with all their heart is surely a blessing. Being with such a person leaves you with a sense of assurance. You know you can rely on them no matter what the circumstances are. One woman who thought her husband was such a person was heartbroken when she discovered the painful truth.

An anonymous woman wrote her story to thestar.com. She said that her husband was posted for work at a different location. Though they lived together, she moved back to her home town for a while. When the shift occurred, she noticed changes in her husband. "After I left, he became distant. He did not answer my calls and messages," wrote the woman. Though she confronted him, her husband did not admit to doing anything wrong. 

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Soon, the couple welcomed their son and the mother made arrangements for her to move to her husband's location along with their newborn. "So I delivered our son, and my husband was happy. We made arrangements for the two of us to return to my husband’s location after three months," wrote the woman. However, her husband stopped her and the baby from shifting.

"But then he said he had a lot of work and I should remain in my home city. He became uninterested in me and our baby," said the woman. The changing attitude of her husband towards her and their son pushed her to believe something was wrong. "He started to ignore me for most of the time, saying that he was too busy at work," stated the mother.

Despite the growing doubts, she finally booked tickets to Central America, where her husband was working. However, a day before her arrival, she was struck with a nightmare. Her husband texted her and asked her for a divorce. She was devastated and wanted to know the reason. "When he finally answered the phone, he said he never loved me, that I and our son were a big mistake and he did not care about us anymore. He said if I wanted, I could change the name and surname of our son because he did not care. I was devastated," wrote the heartbroken wife and mum. 

It was hard for the woman but as days progressed she realized how selfish her husband was. She discovered her husband was cheating on her another woman while she was pregnant in her hometown. "I found out that just after I left my husband, he began visiting nightclubs and casinos. He met a Colombian woman and started cheating on me while I was pregnant," wrote the mother. 

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He even withdrew the money from their joint account leaving her penniless. He told her he was happy with the other woman and called her his "soulmate." "He said the other woman was his soulmate and he was happy with her. He has blocked me on all social networks, but I have seen many pictures on his posts of him and the woman together," wrote the anonymous woman.

Having separated from the woman, the man refused to help her and his son financially. Seven months after moving apart, the wife asked him to settle their divorce. However, he ignored her and even planned to take his girlfriend to his parents.

The betrayed woman then reached out to his parents. But, they didn't help her either. "His parents have told me that whatever he has done, he is still their son and I should move on. They said my son will give me the spirit to keep on living," wrote the woman.

The disheartened woman added, "He told me he had genuine love for me and it would never end. Now he has betrayed me and our son."