Mother Allegedly Killed 6YO Son By Overdosing Him With Drugs For Money

Mother Allegedly Killed 6YO Son By Overdosing Him With Drugs For Money

Apparently, the mother had tried to feed 'medicines' to both her children but the younger daughter refused to take them.

A mother of two has been charged with murder after having given her 6-year-old son lethal doses of methamphetamine and over-the-counter drugs to collect on life insurance policies she had taken out on him, reported People

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25-year old Ashley Marks, of Houston, was arrested in connection with the death of her young son, Jason Sanchez-Marks. She was charged in Harris County Court with capital murder. During her court appearance, the judge denied bail for Marks, who is being held in the local jail. Harris County Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Sawtelle said, "I believe she poisoned her child to cash in on two life insurance policies she took out on her son a month prior to his death," KHOU reported. Marks is a licensed insurance agent in Texas, "She specializes in life insurance, That was a big clue that this was not an accidental death," Sawtelle said, according to People

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According to various reports, Jason and his 4-year-old sister had apparently been staying with their grandfather, Marks' father, at his townhouse in Tanglewood. In June 2020, the children came down with tuberculosis. Marks came to her father's house every night over the course of several nights to administer medicine to the children. While Jason had taken the medicine, his little sister refused to take it. In the two days that followed, Jason began vomiting and experiencing hallucinations. "The grandfather said he repeatedly contacted the mother over a two-day period notifying her that the 6-year-old child was ill (projectile vomiting, hallucinating, unable to sleep), but neither the mother nor grandfather sought medical attention for the 6-year-old as the child's condition worsened," the CPS report states, according to KHOU. On June 27, 2020, the grandfather told police he found Jason "unresponsive and not breathing" so he called 911. Jason died on June 27, 2020, at his grandfather's house.

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The manner of death was homicide, the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences determined. "We believe it's her scheme to have her son die in her father's care," Sawtelle said. The grandfather has been cooperative with police, Sawtelle said, Click2Houston reports. According to reports, Court documents further revealed that Marks allegedly gave Jason toxic amounts of over-the-counter drugs as well as methamphetamine on June 27, 2020, which caused his death. An autopsy also revealed that Jason had been exposed to methamphetamine and cocaine. Sawtelle said the grandfather told authorities that after Marks gave Jason the medicine, "he would experience seeing his grandson go through hallucinations," Sawtelle said, according to People

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While Marks remains in prison, Jason's family now continues to mourn the loss of the child described in his obituary as "smart, caring child who loved to play with toy cars and dress up as a cowboy." It further says that he "loved to go to the park to play with his little sister, going to the Museum of Natural Science to see the dinosaur exhibits, and going to the Houston Zoo." "I just want to wake up and say it was all a dream, I feel so sad," said Jason's father, Mario Sanchez, said, according to News4SanAntonio. Jason's younger sister is now living with him according to CPS, reported People