Mom Shattered Seeing Her 1YO Get Run Over by Neighbor's Car |"I Will Never Forget The Sound Of My Baby Girl Screaming"

Mom Shattered Seeing Her 1YO Get Run Over by Neighbor's Car |"I Will Never Forget The Sound Of My Baby Girl Screaming"

The neighbor was taken to shock therapy after the tragic incident. He is close to the little girl's family.

Some memories are so deeply engraved in our minds that nothing can help us move past it. One mother may have been left in such a devastating situation after witnessing the death of her little girl. Unable to save her child, the mother was forced to see the lifeless body of her beloved daughter.

According to The Sun, Abbey Vella saw her 1-year-old daughter Amelia take her last breath at the driveway of their home in Blacktown, western Sydney, on October 20, 2020. Amelia was run over by their neighbor's car at around 7:20 pm.


"I will never forget the sound of my baby girl screaming out for the last time. Only a metre away from me but by the time I got there she was already gone," said the heartbroken mother.

The incident occurred while the mother was winding up her car windows. Before the mother could run to her daughter's rescue, she was crushed under the vehicle. 

The shocked mother immediately called the emergency services to the scene. However, the toddler's condition was very critical. The paramedics attended to the toddler and then took her to the Westmead Children's Hospital.

Despite the efforts of the medical experts, the little girl could not be saved. Abbey and her family were horrified. Their little girl had left them before she could experience their abundant love and care for her.


Cherishing her little angel, the mother said, "She loved her family, she would always ask for those she loved and enjoyed FaceTiming them when they weren't around." She continued, "She was the most perfect little girl the world has ever known. She was and always will be so loved by everyone that was ever blessed with her presence."

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Amelia's grandmother recounted the memories of her grandchild and said she loved to dance like other children. She remembered her as a cheerful and cheeky child. 

Meanwhile, the family asked the public to be compassionate to their 40-year-old neigbour who drove the car. The neighbor was taken into shock therapy and was also taken to Blacktown Hospital for mandatory drug and alcohol testing after the incident. 

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Amelia's grandmother revealed the neighbor was close to the family. She also stated that the neighbor and Abbey were having a chat minutes before the tragedy happened. None of them had noticed the child going out into the street. Initially, the driver thought he had hit a toy but the man was left shattered when he learned it was little Amelia. 

The case is still under investigation. NSW Police spokesperson told the driver hasn't been charged yet as they are still looking at the evidence.