5 Most Common Fights Couples Have That Indicate Your Relationship Is Turning Toxic

5 Most Common Fights Couples Have That Indicate Your Relationship Is Turning Toxic

Sometimes, you're in the middle of a horrible argument but you can't even tell how it all started. Yet, the fights continue and the cloud of negativity hovers.

Having a fight or argument can be extremely draining, but every relationship has them. Sometimes, fights can be a way of overcoming an issue together and that can bring you both closer than ever before. But other times, fights can slowly damage the bond that you two have, slowly breaking away your connection and jeopardizing your future together. If your partner and you are constantly having these toxic fights, it could be a sign that you both need help.

1. The same thing, over and over again...

It may start with something meaningless but eventually you both land up in the middle of the same fight, yet again, yelling the same cruel things to each other. Most of the time, you don't even remember how the fight even started. But more often than not, every disagreement you seem to have turns into a fight about the same thing, and you both may perhaps even end up saying hurtful things to each other.

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Whether it's about your family, lifestyle, money, or commitment issues, you go on to tear each other down. And being stuck in that negative space will slowly wear you both down emotionally and physically.

2. "Whose fault is it?"

Quickly rushing to point fingers at the other person shows how you both are not seeing each other's team and you don't stop to think, "maybe I could have done something differently here". On the other hand, if your partner wasn't willing to compromise, it shows how they wouldn't think twice before throwing you under the bus. Spending all your energy on blaming each other rather than finding a solution together can cause a great strain on your relationship.

3. The past

When both of you or either of you are holding on to the past, it chips away from the possible happiness of the present or the future. Carrying unresolved feelings with you won't allow you both to take a step forward. Instead, it's best for both of you to lay your past conflicts to rest, learn from them together, and move forward hand-in-hand. But if you're unable to do that, then you will see bits and pieces of all your past arguments creeping into all the future disagreements that you have. It's like moving backward in the relationship rather than moving forward.

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4. "Should we end this?"

Sometimes, having a real and open discussion about what you both are going through and your thoughts on where the relationship is going can be extremely therapeutic for you both. But when it always turns into an argument or one person says this to threaten the other, things might really need to end. It could also be that when your partner is constantly saying this in every argument, they genuinely might not want to commit anymore and it's why they are always on edge in the relationship.

5. Lack of physical intimacy  

People are often convinced that physical intimacy fades away as you both spend more time together. But as the years pass, you both ideally shed your inhibitions and it brings you both closer. However, if you are constantly fighting about the lack of sex, it might just be that one of you no longer feels that connection. When one person no longer wants to be physically intimate with the other, it could even be because of an emotional block or having other issues that won't allow them to be comfortable with their partner.

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Worst of all, not fighting at all

It's nearly impossible for two adults with their own individual needs to agree all the time. Every relationship is bound to have arguments every now and then, even the most healthy ones. But when your partner and you simply don't bother arguing, actively avoid confrontations or worse, have nothing to argue about at all, it could be a sign that neither of you care about upholding the relationship anymore. When you would rather avoid your issues or suppress what you really feel, you both may gradually grow distant from each other and create your own two separate worlds despite being in the same relationship.