Mom Wakes Her 21-Year-Old Daughter Up Every Morning By Licking Her "Like A Puppy"

Mom Wakes Her 21-Year-Old Daughter Up Every Morning By Licking Her "Like A Puppy"

The mother-daughter duo opened up on TLC's show, 'sMothered'

How close is too close? Marcia, 68, and her 21-year-old daughter Alena opened about their bond on the series of TLC's sMothered. While Marcia said her daughter is definitely her best friend, she also admitted to waking up her 21-year-old daughter every morning by "licking her like a puppy." According to The Daily Mail, Marcia tells the camera, "My relationship with her is unique. In the mornings I walk into her room and I just lick her all up. She kept pestering me for a puppy and I couldn't get her a puppy, so I turned into the doggy. Alena tastes pretty good and all sweet, I just want to eat her all up." 



While many people squirm at the thought, for Alena, it's a way to feel connected with her mother. Alena was born in Siberia and adopted by Marcia as a toddler. "I love it when my Mamma licks me, it kind of makes me feel closer to her because we're doing something funny and out of the ordinary. It's a thing we do every single day," she shared. The mother-daughter duo also enjoys being playful. Once Alena wakes up, she chases her mom around the house in a child-like way. "When Alena was very little she didn't have much stamina, so I would say 'you can't get me, you can't get me.'" The 21-year-old has an enzyme deficiency, so her mom would engage in the chase to help increase her stamina and encourage growth when she was a child. But it looks like the habit stuck and the two still playfully run around often. "It was really a good thing to help her grow and it just continued," the mom said. Alena added, "When I catch my Mamma I do all my kissy-poos and I kiss her all up. She's very kissable!"



The TLC show features several mother-daughter duos who showcase behavior that not everyone may be on board with. Some even shower together that have left viewers shocked or grossed out. One user commented: Some of these were so disgusting and inappropriate, I actually wonder if the licking daughter been manipulated into thinking this behavior is appropriate and acceptable from a young age. Another shared: This is what happens when mothers treat their daughters as an extension of themselves and not as their own person. It’s unfortunate that none of these mother-daughter relationships have no boundaries. I know from experience. Marcia knows that not many people will understand her relationship with her daughter. "Some people don't agree or they wonder what is wrong with her," but she plans on being close with her no matter what. "I love the idea as she's growing up of being able to do all those silly things. It's getting a little tricky as she's getting older, but we still do all the same antics and we still play the same games and we have fun,'" she explains.