Mom Talks About Moving On After Losing Her Mother, Husband, and Two Children in a Tornado

Mom Talks About Moving On After Losing Her Mother, Husband, and Two Children in a Tornado

"It’s a roller coaster of emotion," she said.

Kuri Bolger, 33, and her son Brysen from Blue Springs, Missouri survived a tornado that killed the rest of their family. Bolger's husband, Micheal, 37, her mother, Melissa Bazley, 63, and two children, Kinlee and Owen, aged 5 and 2, lost their lives in a tornado that struck Winterset, Iowa on March 5. They were visiting Bolger's mother when the tragedy unfolded, reports ABC News. The National Weather Service categorized the tornado as an EF-4, and it was on the ground for approximately 70 kilometers. During the storm, Bolger and her family sheltered in a pantry, per The Associated Press. They did not have a basement in the house to protect themselves from the Tornado.


Bolger's stepfather and one of her brothers were also in the house at the time of the storm and survived. Bolger sustained a broken pelvis and a broken leg and was hospitalized for about ten days as a result of her injuries. Brysen suffered a sprain in one of his feet. They were reunited in the hospital after not knowing who has survived the fatal and dangerous occurrence. Bolger said, "I was so excited to have him, but also so sad that it was just us. The rest of our family was gone."

She along with her 8-year-old son are now trying to recover and move on with their lives. She spoke to Good Morning America, "I have Brysen. Thank God he made it through and everybody was able to save him because, at this point, he's my rock." She talked about her emotions after she lost most of her family, "It’s a roller coaster of emotion. I think there’s going to be really hard days and days that it’s a little bit easier, but just remembering that you just have to keep going." She revealed that just before the tornado struck their home, she had completed a workout with her mother. 

According to Bolger, the family had spent the day before visiting an alpaca farm. She claimed her family enjoyed spending time together and embarking on adventures, especially ones that were outside, such as racing BMX bikes. She now treasures these memories of her family in order to move ahead in life. She said, "Yeah, we have laundry and we'll get it done at some point, but on a nice day, we took the time to go on a family bike ride or go on a hike in the woods and just explore, and I am so thankful for that. I have all those memories." 

She further added, "I also have a lot of pictures and videos, which I'm thankful for." She said that her mother had the habit of clicking pictures and documenting everything that they did together which was initially annoying. She is now thankful for those captured memories. "But now I have all those memories, things we can look back at, and I am so thankful for that," she said. She remembers her husband, Micheal who she met almost 13 years ago, as an extremely giving person. Her 2-year-old son Owen was the most polite and kind-hearted kid she has ever seen.

Her daughter, Kinlee, was the "most sweet, kind soul of anybody I've ever met," she said. Her mother always planned outdoor trips and adventures for the family and was keen on spending time with her grandkids. Bolger said, "I'm going to try and carry their lights out. It's a lot, but I'm going to do it." The local community is helping the mother and son by raising funds for their immediate expenses. 





Cover Image Source: Still from GMA/Youtube