Mom Sets off Personal Hygiene Debate by Saying She Doesn’t Shower Daily

Mom Sets off Personal Hygiene Debate by Saying She Doesn’t Shower Daily

Parents on the popular forum Mumsnet have differnet opinions on this topic.

A mother's post on Mumsnet set off a series of comments debating whether showerng daily should be a norm. She revealed that she doesn't shower everyday and asked for opinions of other parents on this situation, reports Daily Dot. She wrote, "Ok so I'm having a few drinks with friends last night. We are all female a mix of parents and non parents. One friend mentions she is struggling to find time for o shower every day since she had her baby." She added, "I said "well I don't shower every day without a young baby," All of my friends looked at me in horror. Apparently even the ones with kids shower daily." 




The woman went ahead to clarify that she has two kids, one of them under the age of five and she works part time. She showers on, "work days plus one extra day" and takes extra showers in case of, "exercising/having sex/on period etc." She also adds that, "my days off usually consist of playing at home, walking dog, school run and maybe park," giving her no time to get into the bath. She only showers three days a week and asked other parents, if she was , "disgusting" for doing so. She got mixed reactions from the popular parting forum. A user wrote, "Personally I think 3 times a week is pretty grim, sorry. I am a shower everyday person. I can’t get going in the morning without one to be honest." 




Some of the commenters had the argument that hygiene needs are personal and not everyone's routine and body works in the same way. Another used commented, "Shower when you want to? If you stink then yes, shower more. If not, who actually cares just how much time you spend washing?" While some parents had a very rigid idea of showering daily and adviced that people shouldn't compromise on the account of personal hygiene. A parent wrote, "4 kids, single parent, shower daily, always have even when they were newborns. I wouldn’t leave the house without one tbh." 





The health experts agree with the users who said that showering should depend on the needs of your body. Some people naturally create more perspiration and oils on their skin and hair, as well as unattractive body scents which can require frequent showers. Others might have a regular workout routine that requires them to wash off the sweat. However, showering too often can cause some health concerns including dry and cracked sin, according to Harvard Health. The bath frequency also varies from culture to culture, as while two-thirds of Americans shower daily, that number is 80% in Australia. According to experts, there is no ideal frequency to shower and you only have to clean your body when it is required with a focus on cleaning your armpits and groin.

However, the parents on Mumsnet all have very different opinions on showering daily. A user commented, "It varies between every day and every other day depending on what I’m doin," while another wrote, "I shower every day. I have 3 kids and have always showered everyday. It takes 2 mins!!" 






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