Cruel 25-Year-Old Mother Puts Her Week-Old Baby On Sale Just So She Could Buy A Pair Of Boots

Cruel 25-Year-Old Mother Puts Her Week-Old Baby On Sale Just So She Could Buy A Pair Of Boots

The woman told her sister she was going to get the boots soon after she traded her daughter for the money.

Trigger Warning: Child neglect and abuse

A mother's love for her child is often referred to as unconditional, and we believe they would never give up their child for anything. However, one mother left people in shock after she thought it was perfectly okay to sell her daughter just to add a new pair of boots to her wardrobe.

According to The Sun, Luiza Gadzhieva, a 25-year-old mother from Russia posted an advertisement on the black market for her baby, who was just a week old. The post said she was looking for people to buy her child. Soon after the advertisement was posted, the woman started receiving calls from potential buyers.

One buyer offered the woman a little over $3900 for the one-week-old baby. Gadzhieva did not think twice. She readily agreed to sell her baby to these random buyers.


The mother of three agreed to meet these buyers at a coffee shop in Moscow for the exchange. However, the events that followed were unexpected. According to Mirror Online, to her surprise, those posing as buyers were law enforcement officers.

When she arrived at the coffee shop, the woman wrote a receipt and then handed over the baby in exchange for the money she was promised. Immediately, the buyers revealed their identities, and she was arrested.

"After receiving the money, she handed the child over to the customer and wrote a receipt. During the interrogation, the woman pleaded guilty in full and was charged. Currently, the child's life is not in danger. The criminal investigation continues," said Russian Investigate Committee.



The local media revealed how the mother did not have the slightest consideration for her own child. Gadzhieva told her sister she was going to get the boots she wanted for a long time, immediately after the exchange. Additionally, she told one of the buyers that she was hoping to pay the deposit of a new house, with the money she got after selling the baby.

"Don't say 'to sell,' it sounds rude. You can judge me but I cannot [cope]," said Gadzhieva to a buyer. 

The media also found she was contacted by an anti-slavery group called Alternativa. Though they tried to dissuade the woman, she was not ready to budge. They claimed the mother was least bothered where her child would end up, or what would happen to her.


"We tried in every possible way to explain to her that bad, dangerous conditions awaited the child.... but she was little interested in what would happen [to her daughter]," said the group.

They also added, "The height of cynicism was her correspondence with her sister, who knew about everything, and in which the child's mother discussed what boots she will buy for herself after selling the baby. It is not known what would have happened to this child."

Luckily, the woman's plan failed and the child was taken away from her by the authorities.