Mom Of 4 Dies Of Coronavirus. Her Daughter Begged Her to Get Vaccinated.

Mom Of 4 Dies Of Coronavirus. Her Daughter Begged Her to Get Vaccinated.

Faith Voss-Paulson hit out at anti-vaxxers and loved ones who dissuaded her parents from getting the vaccine.

Faith Voss-Paulson is heartbroken after losing her mother to Coronavirus on Friday. Her parents had refused to get the vaccine, despite her daughter, who's a medical professional, pleading with them to take the shot. Her father also contracted Coronavirus but recovered. Her mother Monica Voss wasn't so lucky. She passed away one month before her 40th birthday and Faith is seething. A surgical technician herself, Faith knew the vaccine could save lives but her parents believed the disinformation fueled their way from friends and family. "I am so pissed off and infuriated... I BEGGED them to get the vaccine, pleaded. But because ignorant fools decide to spread false information, my parents didn't believe me," she wrote in an emotional post on Facebook, reported People.


She hit out at those spreading rampant misinformation around vaccination after her parents had been hospitalized. "To my parents' friends who thought they knew better. To the ones who promoted medical misinformation, to those who encouraged my parents to follow you blindly in your quest of being against masks and vaccines," wrote Faith in a post on October 29. "I hope you're happy, and I hope that you're proud that you were able to have my parents completely disregard medical SCIENCE and for them to tell their daughter who studies MEDICINE that she is wrong."


Monica Voss died at St. Cloud Hospital not long after testing positive for coronavirus. Her husband, Jeremy, revealed last month that they both had contracted the virus and were hospitalized. They were both unvaccinated at the time of hospitalization. "I was driven here at night in an ambulance from Mora. Monica joined me here the next day," wrote Jeremy. "Can barely get out of hospital bed and constantly on oxygen tube right now... I don't know for sure when I can leave or what condition I will leave in or what side effects I may have." 

Faith also shared screenshots of texts sent by her father, stating he wished he had taken the vaccine. "Sorry I didn't believe or listen to you. I should've gotten the vaccine," her father texted from his ICU bed. "My heart breaks to get this as a response from my father," wrote Faith. "I am so furious and scared. I pray to God none of you have to deal with both of your parents in the ICU because of COVID. I will continue to promote the vaccine and mask mandates, I am infuriated and terrified. This year so many have shown their true colors and I will never forget those who supported me and those who stood against me."


Weeks after the post, Jeremy recovered but Monica didn't. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for the family. "Think if you had to tell your kids that you're not going to see their mom or dad for the rest of their life," said Jeremy. "That was the hardest thing to do. We've known each other since we were 15." Faith is urging others to get the shot. "This vaccine is meant to save and help. Please encourage those you love to get vaccinated before it's too late," said Faith. After watching the love of his life pass away, Jeremy is now telling everyone to get the vaccine. "If you haven't got the vaccine, just go get it," he wrote before posting an image of himself in the ICU with the oxygen mask on. "This right here isn't worth it."


He also spoke about being anti-vax earlier. "Yes, I used to be against the shot. Yes, I have anti-Vax stuff posted on my page. Be an adult... and realize now how I am trying to use my opportunity to reach someone and make a true difference!" he wrote. "This virus is real!!! It's going to happen to you if you think it won't. Maybe when your wife gets put in the hospital fighting for her life, maybe you will think differently, but I pray it doesn't come to that for you."

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