Mom Forced To Stop Feeding Newborn After Husband Snatches Him From Her Saying, "He Doesn’t Need To Eat Right Now"

Mom Forced To Stop Feeding Newborn After Husband Snatches Him From Her Saying, "He Doesn’t Need To Eat Right Now"

The husband snatched the baby away and began complaining of how he was not getting enough care.

When you are a new mother, you need the support of your partner to ensure the well being of the baby. However, one woman was astounded by her husband's behavior. Instead of looking out for their child, he was concerned only about himself. 

The 24-year-old woman took to Reddit to talk about the bizarre incident that took place at her house. She told the social media users that she was on a usual routine, feeding and changing her 3-month-old baby when her husband came to the room. She wrote, "While I was changing him, my husband (29 M) walks into room (he was out smoking) and grabs the little light I use for changing to start looking around for an old phone we use to watch YouTube, browse, etc. He puts the light back then goes to turn on a bright office style light." Knowing minimal light would help the baby fall asleep, she tried to reduce the light by moving her hand over to her head. However, her partner did not take it well. 

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"I don’t say anything but move my hand to my head because I like to keep any lighting minimal during nighttime feedings so that our baby will go back to sleep immediately after(sic)," wrote the woman. She continued, "My husband knows this but immediately after I put my hand to my head he became angry with me and starting saying how he’s not even allowed to turn a light on," according to Cafe Mom.

Irritated by her partner's silliness and apathy, she began arguing with her husband. The man in turn, took the baby away from her while she was still nursing the child. "He then took our baby and when I asked if I could please finish breastfeeding him, he said no 'you’re always feeding him, he doesn’t need to eat right now, you need to calm down, you can feed him when you calm down', etc," stated the mother. The woman was heartbroken and could not control her tears. "At this point I’m crying and go to the bathroom to try to stop crying," wrote the mother on Reddit. 

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The poor woman came back from the bathroom and told her husband that she needed to finish feeding their child. Instead of allowing her to feed, the husband began complaining. "...asked him again he let me take him to finish feeding him but first saying we have things 'we need to talk about, I need to listen to him, oh I see you only care about the baby, etc'. It really hurt me that he wouldn’t let me finish feeding our baby. Am I being overly sensitive about this? Was I too much of a stickler about the light?" wrote the mother.

Reddit users were quick to react to the story. Many could not believe the husband's reactions. One user wrote, "It might be better if your husband slept in a different room at night if feeding your baby is going to be bothering him so much. Feeding your baby should always come first." Another wrote, "You snatch a breastfeeding baby off the mother while they’re feeding, you deserve to have the cops called on you. That’s f**king insane and had to be so scary for the baby." Many users even called his behavior 'abuse'.