Mom Forced By Her Abusive & Controlling Partner To Get 9 Tattoos Of His Name "So No One Else Would Want Her"

Mom Forced By Her Abusive & Controlling Partner To Get 9 Tattoos Of His Name "So No One Else Would Want Her"

Nicola Frost was not allowed to do anything without her partner's permission.

Being in an abusive relationship can take a toll on your mental and emotional well being. One woman was abused by her partner, who tried to control every aspect of her life. Moreover, the woman was forced to have tattoos of his name on her body. 

According to Mirror Online, Nicola Frost has been in a relationship with Aaron James Wharton for 6 years. However, her relationship was not a fairytale. She was the victim of domestic violence and the woman was forced to get inked.

Aaron made her get 9 tattoos of his name "so no one else would want her." He also pushed her to get a tattoo that said "Property of AJ Wharton". The man considered her his "property" and wanted her to get all tattoos so  "nobody else would touch her."


She said, "He made me get tattoos of his name on me. One was just above (my) bum and said: ‘Property of AJ Wharton’. Why would someone have a person’s name on them nine times? It’s crazy. But if I didn’t do it there would be repercussions. Sometimes I’d laugh when he said what tattoo he wanted me to get and I’d get a slap from him."

However, their relationship was never the same. When Nicola first met Aaron, he made her feel "like a princess." But soon after, the man started manipulating her. The mother of five stated, "The first year was perfect. He treated me like a princess. But the next five years were a living hell." She added, "There was emotional abuse - all types of abuse. He controlled every aspect of my life."

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Aaron began controlling her to an extent where she had to ask his permission for everything. Besides, he cut her off from all her dear ones and was forced to maintain contact with them in secret.

"Even if I just went to the shop I had to ask for permission and I had to take a picture of myself and what I was wearing. If I’d done my hair and make up he would call me a slag. All the years I was with him he cut me off from my family and friends. If I called them I’d have to delete the call log on my phone or he’d knock the phone out of my hands and smash it," recalled Nicola, according to Mirror Online. 

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The narcissistic man even watched her from his house and kept a track of everything. "He was living round the corner and could see my house from his. He would try to stop me having friends round. He could control everything - where I went and who I would speak to. He would take my bank card off me. He was a 100 percent narcissist," said the woman, according to Mirror Online. 

Additionally, the woman was made to feel as if she was alone and he was the only one she had. So, the helpless woman held on to him despite the mental and physical abuse. She continued in the relationship and even took care of his daily needs.

"My problem was I thought I had no one because he made me believe I only had him. I treated him like a king - I would run his bath, cook him dinner, and iron his shirts. I’d do whatever he wanted. But he would hit me multiple times and stepped on my face quite regularly, punch me and slap me, and throw me against the walls," according to Nicola, according to Mirror Online. 

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Nicola claimed she was afraid to speak about her abuse. "He gave me a black eye and split lip a few times, but I was too scared to tell anyone and he knew I didn’t have anyone else," said the woman, according to Mirror Online.

In June 2018, the woman mustered the courage to break up with the man after he cheated on her. He even proposed to her just to win back. "He had always promised we would get married and this was one of his ways of keeping control on me. He is a predator and very clever, he knows what he is doing. But I didn't fall for it and we stayed," said the woman, according to Nicola. 

When they broke up, Nicola started her Facebook account because she was never allowed to use it when she was with Aaron. However, the controlling man threatened her after finding her on social media.

"He didn’t let me on social media during our relationship and I set up a Facebook page after we’d split up. He used one of his friends’ accounts to find me. He was so angry and said: 'You’re only doing that to get f****d'. He said no one was going to touch me because I’ve got five kids and I’m covered in his name," recalled the woman, according to Mirror Online.

Things went out of hand after the man physically attacked her following a night out. "He was angry I was getting on with my life and he couldn’t let go. He was saying I was his property. He started hitting me with multiple punches, knocked me to the floor and started kicking me. It didn’t matter if I was up or down, he would hit me," said Nicola.

Following the violent episode, Aaron was sent to prison for 21 months at Northampton Crown Court on 21 August, 2020. He was also given a 10-year restraining order from Nicola. With her terrifying experience, Nicola hopes to help others.  

"There are so many people in abusive relationships who can’t speak out. Now I can, I am trying to help someone else by doing so. People need to know the signs and see it as abuse and to not doubt themselves, follow through and get out," said the woman.