Mom Asks If She Should Shave Her Baby’s Arms And Legs And People Are Shocked

Mom Asks If She Should Shave Her Baby’s Arms And Legs And People Are Shocked

The baby boy's hair was a result of going on a medication for congenital hyperinsulinism according to his mother.

One hairy baby is the talk of TikTok. According to mom Bri Shelby, or @blshelby, her infant son started growing long, dark body hair across his chest, back, arms, legs, and even his face! What caused it? A result of medication needed to treat a life-threatening illness. The baby boy has a rare condition called Congenital Hyperinsulinism, which affects just one in 50,000 babies. The mom surprised people online when she showed off her son’s hair growth on July 14 and asked TikTokers if she should shave his hair or not. “Should we shave his legs and arms?” she wrote. “Comment what y’all think.”



Most people advised her to leave the furriness alone. “No it will be itchy and uncomfortable when it grows back baby is fine as is,” said one commenter. “I would be afraid to make it worse, but maybe ask the doctor,” shared another “Please do not shave a baby! Possible infection for what? A beauty standard? It’s just hair and normal,” someone begged. But one commenter went as far as telling the mom to wax her son. “You do not wax a baby,” she wrote in another video. “He has a rare condition and to help his condition he had to be on a certain medicine that caused this hair growth.” 



Baby Mateo Hernandez's rare condition is called Congenital Hyperinsulinism where the insulin cells of the pancreas, called beta cells, secrete too much insulin. This leaves people with the condition with dangerously low blood sugar levels. According to The Daily Mail, Shelby, 24, a police officer, said that she and her husband Jared Hernandez, 22, put their son on medication in order to control the symptoms of the condition. In two weeks, fortunately, his health improved dramatically.  But they noticed something had changed. "After a couple of weeks of being on the medication his body started changing — he got really big and started growing lots of hair on his head and body. It started with his head and forehead, then his legs, arms, and back until it had spread to everywhere except his stomach. He was bald when he came out but after a few weeks of being on the medication, he's turned into a little gorilla. The doctor warned us about hair growth being a possible side effect but I never expected it to be that extreme," said Bri.



The medicine has clearly saved the baby, who had to be previously admitted to the neonatal unit where he remained for two-and-a-half months. Bri said, "When he was born we brought him home for a month but then I started noticing that he was shaking a lot and overeating so I took him to the doctor. He was having dangerously low blood sugar — his levels were in the 30s when a healthy range is between 70 and 100, so he was at risk of having seizures or even dying. He was admitted to the NICU in Texas Children's Hospital and doctors put him on medication to control his insulin and blood sugar levels. He started off on a low dose but it didn't do much so doctors ended up putting him on the max dose. It was very scary and stressful but the medication really saved his life."

Source: TikTok/@blshelby


It looks like the family has finally embraced their baby's fuzziness. "When we go out in public people say how cute he is but say, 'That's a lot of hair, I've never seen that before,' and we have to explain it's because of his condition. Get some negative comments saying, "Throw the whole baby away" or telling me to wax him but I don't care, all that matters is my baby is healthy. It's not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of and I know people wouldn't say those things if they had their own children. The medication saved his life and I'd rather him be hairy and healthy than sick," she affirmed.