Mom Accused Of Cheating Holds 'Paternity Reveal Party' To Prove That Her Ex Is The Father

Mom Accused Of Cheating Holds 'Paternity Reveal Party' To Prove That Her Ex Is The Father

Millena’s ex had asked for a paternity test to prove who the father of their second child was.

We've heard of gender reveal parties, but a paternity reveal party? Now that's new! One mom from Brazil is going viral for her one-of-a-kind party to prove to her ex that he is indeed the father of her baby. While Millena was certain that the child was his, her ex was not. The mom-of-two was more than happy to oblige when her ex demanded a paternity test. "I told him that I was absolutely sure that the child was his," Millena explained, reports Kidspot. "His response to this was that he had doubts and that no one could make him register the boy without the DNA test result."


Millena and her ex lived together for a few months before separating. Millena returned home when she was six months pregnant after her former partner accused her of cheating. He refused to raise the child until he knew for certain if the baby was his. When the results arrived, the mom's friend suggested a ‘paternity reveal’ party and she thought it was a great idea. In an Instagram video that has since gone viral, Millena proves that her youngest son, five-month-old Otto, really was her ex-partner's biological child. In the clip, Millena can be heard saying in front of her family and friends, "Otto's father asked for the DNA test and I decided to throw a party If the result is positive, it's silver. If it's negative, it's blue," she went on to explain. Holding her baby in one hand and a balloon in the other, she then went on to burst the balloon. A hail of silver confetti was sent flying across the room. Her friends and family could be heard cheering her on as the confetti fluttered around. The video has been viewed by people all across the world and has accumulated over 34k likes. "It reached Germany, England, Japan, the US...," she proudly told local media at the time.


Millena received the test result on February 26 but she waited six days to hold the party. "When (the result) was ready, (the woman) said we could each get it, so I went there and got mine. I don't know if the dad got his. I believe he found out he was the father through the party," she explained. So how did her ex react? He got in touch with Millena the day after the video was posted. He still doesn't seem convinced and told her that his lawyer would get in touch with her. As for the Internet's reaction, many people online applauded Millena for her idea. Some even went on to say that she may have started a trend!  One Instagram user shared, "Very creative! May more women who go through this be inspired by you." Another added, "I loved your attitude, this is the kind of father that will not be missed in your child's life, in fact, I don't even think you should let him live with his father because a father who doesn't know how to respect a woman... will pass on what lessons to the son."