Wife Kept Her Husband's Lifeless Body In A Freezer At Her House Just Because She Wanted To Keep Him Close To Her

Wife Kept Her Husband's Lifeless Body In A Freezer At Her House Just Because She Wanted To Keep Him Close To Her

The woman was charged with abandonment of remains but the judge ruled in her favor.

Our love for our dear ones makes us do things that might not be categorized as normal. One woman did such a thing after her husband passed away. Instead of organizing a funeral service and burying or cremating the body, she chose to keep his lifeless body in her house. 

According to Mirror Online, Barbara Watters from Missouri was arrested under the charges of abandonment of remains after her husband's body was found in a freezer in her bedroom.

The widow, arrested in 2019, walked free in January after the judge ruled in favor of her. Associate Judge Joe Hensley stated that the woman did not "abandon" her partner's body, but was trying to "preserve" it. The poor lady just wanted her partner's body to be close to her. 

Moreover, a post mortem report found that Mr. Barton died of natural causes. The widow claimed that her beloved husband passed away after developing a rare form of Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is believed that the death happened in December 2018. Based on that date, the body had been in the freezer for nearly a year. 

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When the body was first discovered, the widow told investigators that she did not want her husband's organs and tissues to be harvested. She claimed it was her husband's long-standing wish. “He told me to buy a freezer and to put him in it, so he could not be dug up," said the woman, according to Mirror Online. 

After her charges were dropped, the widow launched a legal battle to get back the body of her husband. She stated that she wanted to store it back in the freezer. She sued the police and investigator Rob Chappel. However, the lawsuit was scrapped after she did not respond to some paperwork.

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Though the case was tossed from a court in Missouri, the woman is determined to retrieve the body.

"I’m not done. They think they got away with something. But I’m not done," said the grieving widow. Meanwhile, Coroner Chappel said, "We want to honor (Paul Barton). We would like to honor (Barbara Watters) as well — but within the parameters of the law.” He also added that keeping the body in a freezer at home “is not considered final disposition as I interpret the law.”

With the laws against her and her late partner's wishes, Watters has three options in front of her, according to the state law. She can either bury, cremate, or donate her husband's body to medical science.

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However, Watters is not ready to budge. She claims her husband's body cannot be disposed of in either of the ways dictated by the law. “They cannot require my husband be buried. They cannot require that he be cremated and they cannot require that his body be made an anatomical gift," she said.