Missing 14-Year-Old Found Dead Alongside His Dog A Week After Disappearance

Missing 14-Year-Old Found Dead Alongside His Dog A Week After Disappearance

Jacob Cole McCarty had gone missing while out walking his German Shepherd, Isabella.

Jacob Cole McCarty from Corydon, Indiana, and his dog, Isabella had been missing for a week after the 14-year-old disappeared while out walking his dog. His body alongside remains belonging to his pet German Shepherd were discovered in a wooded area off Interstate 64 near the Harrison County Hospital, according to Harrison County Sheriff Nick Smith. The teen was last seen at his home around 11:15 a.m. on Sept. 21. Officials searched the wooded area after receiving a tip from a person who said they saw the young boy and his dog near the Interstate on the day he went missing. Surveillance also showed Jacob walking along the Interstate that same day, according to Smith, reports PEOPLE.


"Detectives do not currently suspect foul play although Jacob's cause of death will be determined upon completion of an autopsy," Smith said in a statement."We ask that each of you pray for Jacob's father and all those involved in his life," he added. "This is a devastating time and a hard road that follows for Jacob's loved ones." Smith noted that Jacob had "an online gaming presence" and authorities had suspected that the teenager "had met someone online and had plans to meet them." "All of us believe he met someone that he’d met online and it was a voluntary meeting. The question is why has he not returned from that meeting," Smith said. "Who did he go with, where did they go and why has he not returned?" But Jacob's father said he had had conversations about online safety before. Jeremiah McCarty told the Courier-Journal, "We talked about that kind of stuff all of the time. I tried to make sure that he knew he was playing with kids his age or close to it and that he was really careful about the things he said and what he mentioned."


McCarty mentioned that his son had left behind his wallet and phone, and didn't bring along any clothing or food for his dog. "He loves that dog," McCarty said. McCarty described his son as a caring, intelligent person who was mature for his age. "Everyone that knew him knew he was a really goodhearted kid, unnaturally so in comparison to a lot of other teenagers," McCarty said. "I don’t think he would ever bully anyone." The 9th grader was also dedicated to his schoolwork. On the day he was last seen he stayed home from school telling his dad he didn't feel well. He logged out of his virtual class at 1:30 p.m., McCarty said. After hearing the news of his son's death, Jeremiah McCarty told WHAS11 over the phone he was devastated. An autopsy and necropsy has been scheduled for Wednesday. The internet community also mourned the tragedy with one user commenting: My heart is broken for his dad and family. This is such sad news. I’m so sorry that this was the outcome. We will be praying for Jacob, his dad, and their entire family. May God help lead them through this unbelievably tragic time.