Woman Arrested For Killing Her 2-YO Daughter Who Couldn't Stop Crying; "I Just Kept Hitting Her"

Woman Arrested For Killing Her 2-YO Daughter Who Couldn't Stop Crying; "I Just Kept Hitting Her"

Ciashia Lee's partner stated that he did not witness the assault that day.

In a horrific incident reported from Minnesota, a mother was charged with second-degree murder for beating her toddler to death. According to People, 29-year-old Ciashia Lee has been held responsible for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Melody Vang. She was pronounced dead on January 10,  2021. Severe head trauma was found to be the cause of her death. 

The incident came to light after the police responded to a call from a St. Paul's residence after 2:30 a.m. Upon arrival, they found the toddler unconscious and unresponsive. She was dressed in nothing but diapers on the family's back porch and rolled in a blanket and a rug. As per the criminal complaint, the toddler had large bruises on her face. The parents told officers that the girl was kept on the family's porch to keep their other five children from seeing her body. 

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According to Star Tribune, the girl was pronounced dead by the paramedics. On questioning, Lee told officers that she assaulted the kid after she wouldn't stop crying. "I just kept hitting her," said the cruel mother. Eventually, Lee placed the toddler in the "timeout" closet and went to bed. 

Lee's partner told detectives during an interview that the toddler began crying at around 3 p.m on 9 January 2021, and wouldn't stop. Her cries disturbed the couple's other infant numerous times. Then Lee who was tired and furious with the girl's incessant wailing took her to another room. He assumed that Lee put her away in the hallway closet for a timeout before they slept. 

Source: Ramsey County Jail

Hours later, he woke up to the baby crying. Lee then asked him to check on Melody. When he did, he found Melody on the floor who was cold and unresponsive. When he brought the little girl to the room, Lee began to cry. The frantic couple then called Lee's brother for advice. He allegedly told them to inform the authorities. The partner denied witnessing Lee attack the little girl at the time, but he did admit that she had struck the girl before. 

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Meanwhile, the couple's landlords stated they were disturbed by the child's injuries when they came to the residence for some repairs in the afternoon of 9 January 2021. They also added that they had taken photos of the injuries and contacted child protection. Unfortunately, Melody passed away 12 hours later. 

Lee has not yet pleaded to the charge. However, if convicted, she would face 40 years in prison. Her partner, on the other hand, has not been charged yet. The authorities informed that the other kids of the couple were held in state custody. 

Melody's death marks the first homicide in St. Paul in 2021.