Snooty MIL Invites 80 Extra Guests Without Asking | Bride Cancels The Entire Wedding And Ties The Knot In A Park

Snooty MIL Invites 80 Extra Guests Without Asking | Bride Cancels The Entire Wedding And Ties The Knot In A Park

The bride who belongs from a humble financial background was only planning a big wedding out of a feeling of obligation.

We have often heard mother-in-law stories where they have been unfair to their children's spouses, for whatever reason. Usually, we hear these incidents happening AFTER the couple has been married. But here's a 26-year-old woman's experience with her MIL which happened even before the wedding had happened. And the radical step that the bride took to solve the issue, as reported Daily Mail.

The bride wrote a Reddit post talking about the situation. "I (26F) have been with my now-husband (26M) for roughly 4 years," the bride wrote at the beginning of a now-deleted post, according to Fox News. "Things have always been rocky with his mother."

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She went on to say that her fiance and she have been dating each other for four years and during this entire duration she never had any sort of relationship with her mother-in-law as "she is overbearing and manipulative, and my husband admits the same."

As a woman belonging from an affluent background, her mother-in-law always looked down upon her and called her names for growing up in a middle-class household, she explained in her post. Therefore, when the couple got engaged things got worse. Even when the couple did not want a lavish ceremony they went on to plan one out of a feeling of obligation. "It always felt like we were planning out of obligation," she explained.

But she "flew into a blind rage" when her mother-in-law invited 80 people just two months before the ceremony, 65 of whom were not in the official guest list. She also informed her would-be daughter-in-law to invite them officially because their flight and hotel booking had already been done.

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She "sends me a detailed spreadsheet with about 80 people on it, telling me that none of these invitees were optional, and I had better invite all of them," the bride recalled. This mandate frustrated her because she could not afford to invite so many people at the last moment when the wedding was supposed to be a 50-people affair.

This is when the bride decided to not give in to her unrealistic whims. She decided to call off ENTIRE wedding. The couple then went to a park and got married, with just 2 of their best friends in attendance. But now she wants to know if she did the right thing. "This kind of flew me into a blind rage. I called everyone and cancelled. Did I overreact?" she asked.

When asked how her mother-in-law reacted on knowing that the wedding was called off. She wrote she was "visibly horrified" because she now had to call the 80 extra guests and inform them to not fly down.

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According to Daily Mail, she stated. "Honestly, it felt really good to finally see her squirm for once."

Most of the commenters opined that though last-minute cancelation does create a nuisance, her response was perfect in that situation.

"Not an overreaction at all," one commenter wrote. "I'd have said, 'enjoy your wedding! We won't be able to make it.' and then let her deal with the fallout."

Another person commented: "The question is: did both of you liked the way your wedding in the park went? If you did, just forget about it. What really matters is what you want. That's my opinion of course."