The Emptiness You Feel When Your Child Leaves Home For The First Time Is Heart-Wrenching | Michael Bublé's New Video Shows How

The Emptiness You Feel When Your Child Leaves Home For The First Time Is Heart-Wrenching | Michael Bublé's New Video Shows How

Michael Bublé's music video is making people emotional around the world, showcasing the hard truths of being a parent.

Looking back on that day, there is nothing you can remember than the excitement of bringing them home. But before you could see more, they were gone with their packed bags to start a journey of their own. This is what happens in the life of every parent. For years their lives revolved around their children but their departure leaves them with nothing but a void that can never be filled. Michael Bublé, the Canadian singer and songwriter have translated the emotion of every parent into a heartbreaking video that will connect to each one of you.


Known for his exceptional vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Bublé has never failed to connect to his audience through his music. The latest video capturing hearts is no different. Though the song Forever Now was released in 2018, the video which was published on Youtube in March 2019 is gaining worldwide attention. The viral animation video which is highly emotional shows how the room transforms with the child as they grow and their opinions changes. One day, it was a baby's nursery but another day it became an adult's unorganized bedroom. Bublé then puts out the hard truth when he shows the adult leaving that room forever, packing up every box leaving behind an empty dark room.

Parents who watched the video couldn't help but shed a tear.













The video along with its touching lyrics has managed to break the strongest hearts. "It wasn't so long ago, we walked together and you held my hand. and now you're getting too big to want to," sings Bublé.

People across social media from young adults to new parents have reacted to the video. "Just sitting here watching @MichaelBuble song “Forever Now” with my son on my lap & daughter in front of me and bawling my eyes out. This song is so beautifully written and encompasses what It feels to watch your children grow up so quickly" wrote a woman on Twitter.

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The feeling of an empty room and the noiseless house is heartbreaking to every parent. With the center of their lives gone, all they are left with are the memories of those good times. Every time they open that door they remember the cries of their child as a baby, the yells of them as a teenager and the roars of them enjoying their favorite football game. Walking across that room, reminded them of the times they slammed the door in anger, grounded them for some mischief and those distant glimpses of a past where they sat beside their little one reading to them their favorite storybook.

Even when their little ones outgrew their arms, they still wanted them to remain in their arms. Life took its own course when they packed their bags, just making us realize how much we love them. But whatsoever, even if they grow up and leave that room forever, they are still our babies.