When Michael Buble's Son Was Diagnosed With Cancer, He Put His Family First & Gave Up Work | "Nothing Else Matters"

When Michael Buble's Son Was Diagnosed With Cancer, He Put His Family First & Gave Up Work | "Nothing Else Matters"

Michael Buble's family went through "hell" when their child Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer. Thankfully, he survived.

Imagine being on top of the world because you have attained almost everything you wanted in your life but your world comes crashing down because you might lose the most important thing in your life. As a parent, so many of us worry constantly about our child's well-being but sometimes we can't do anything about it.

Like a good dad who prioritizes their family above all else, singer Michael Bublé put his career on the backseat when his son was diagnosed with cancer. In November 2016, he and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, shared the difficult news with the world that their eldest son, Noah, was being treated for liver cancer in the US, according to the Independent. The singer and the actress said that they were "devastated" and that they were taking a break from their careers to be with their child, who was only three then.


"You know what? Hell seems like a really nice place to vacation compared to where we've been," he told Hello!. "I've been to hell," Michael added. "I don't talk about the whole story, not even to my friends because it hurts too much." The father said that it's still too painful to talk about it and doesn't go into detail since it's his son's story and not his.

"Throughout that time I prayed and meditated and promised myself that from now on I would just be real," he told The Times. "I would be real with myself, and with my friends and family. And at the end of the day, I would get to live with those decisions."


In early 2018, the toddler received an all-clear and the parents couldn't be happier than this and Bublé opened up about their struggle later. When he spoke about what his family went through, it echoed the story of thousands of others who go through a similar experience.  

"I don't even think about my career," he told USAToday. The Forever Now singer didn't bat an eyelid before canceling his world tour in 2016 and spent years away from the studio. "All of the things I thought were such a big deal, like my insecurities, what people think of me, how many will this sell, what will the critics say — they went in a moment. Suddenly all I could think was, 'Why did I ever allow that in? Why didn’t I see that I have all I need right here, that everything else is fluff?'" he told the Times. "Nothing else matters," he said.


The father-of-three said that the experience with Noah made him cherish all the small things in life. "It allows you to enjoy the little things in life and not be so f**king busy worrying how many likes you got, or how much money you made, stuff that makes you go, 'Oh god, what was I thinking about?'"

This experience has been transformative for the Haven't Met You Yet singer and makes him be grateful for all that he has. "I think it gave me perspective on life that I think I very badly needed. It's hard to be able to quantify that level of love. I love them more than I'll ever love anything, or anyone in the whole universe," he told Entertainment Tonight.


His family's love for him has been like an armor around him and that is all that has mattered to him recently. "Through my whole life and my career no matter how fancy or big the success was...no matter how nice the suits got or the watch got, underneath it all was the armor that my family had placed on me," he told USAToday. 

While his family suffered privately and agonized over their child, who they thought would be taken away from them untimely, people prayed for them. "Do you know how many people walked up to me on the street yesterday? I went to Disneyland yesterday with my kids, and how many people walked up to me and put their hand on (me) and said, 'We prayed for you?'" Buble, 43, recalled. "It was sad because you have to relive a lot of stuff, but at the same time, it gave me faith in humanity and the goodness of people."


The father has made huge changes in the way he works now. For every three weeks he tours, the Love You Anymore singer is at home two weeks with his wife, the Argentine actress Lopilato, and their children, six-year-old Noah, four-year-old Elias, and almost two-year-old Vida.

While the singer acknowledges that it's a difficult way to go on tour, the I'll Be Home For Christmas singer can't imagine doing it any other way. "This is the best of both worlds. I can't go out there and be happy if I'm not with the family. And what's really nice is they're coming with me on this tour," he said, during Don’t Believe the Rumors Tour 2019.