Brothers Suprise Single Women, Widows, And Military Spouses With Roses On Valentine's Day

Brothers Suprise Single Women, Widows, And Military Spouses With Roses On Valentine's Day

For the past eight years, they have been brightening up the day for women who needed a reminder of how much they are loved.

It is the day of love and often the one you want to spend with someone who makes you feel it more than anyone else in the world. But the truth is, Valentine's Day can be particularly tough on widows and single mothers, or even the wives of soldiers who are out on duty. However, Seth Stewart and his brothers found a simple way to make them smile. It's been 8 years since Seth and his brothers decided to make Valentine's Day a day where they spread love to the lives of people who really need it, one rose at a time.



It all began eight years ago when Seth, along with one of his brothers, decided to hand out two dozen roses to the single friends in their lives on Valentine's Day. Soon enough, the word got around and they even started getting requests. Eight years later, it's become a heartwarming Valentine's Day tradition. Now, around 550 roses reach the homes of single women, widows and the wives of people who are serving their military duty miles away from them, according to CNN.

Valentine's Day is usually the day many women are left feeling lonelier than usual because their husbands are either not around, or sadly for some, have passed away. But when a rose reaches their doorstep with a sweet note of love and kindness, it can only restore your faith in humanity. Many women were deeply moved and some even left in tears when they received a rose from the boys.

Whether the request is from a son who is missing his mother, from a faraway husband who can't spend the day with his wife, or from a dear friend who's thinking about someone, these brothers fulfill all the requests and make sure all these women receive the small token of love. Thanks to their efforts, hundreds of women across the lanes of Spokane, Washington get to experience their kind gesture when February 14 comes around.

There are a number of people who feel left out on Valentine's Day. "This holiday we tend to get forgotten," said Sarah Jean Meddock who is single and wished the day would end soon, according to KHQ.  Thanks to a friend's request, one beautiful rose reached Sarah on that day and it changed her day completely. "All of a sudden this handsome cowboy comes walking in with a rose, and I'm going 'wait, what's happening,'" said Sarah.

She went on to say, "It literally set the tone for my whole entire day, and I'm not kidding, I think it changed my entire Valentine's Day." It used to be a day where she would feel left out, but now, Sarah herself sends a few to her own friends. She said, "It's something that's so small, it's just a small little gesture, and it'll completely change the tone of everyone's day. It's the little things in life."

Seth believes that the roses act as a simple reminder for single women, widows and military spouses that they are not alone on Valentine's Day. "Last year we had one lady, she broke down sobbing, she hugged me for about half a minute," he said. "Her husband had passed away in the last year, and she just thought that she was by herself."

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Seth even gets requests from people who want to send roses to women who mean a great deal to them. He mentioned that people who are serving their duty abroad also send requests to Seth to leave their partners with roses.

"Every single year we do this, there are always one or two women who break down sobbing because it means so much to them," he said. "Some of the stories are so touching," said Seth. He even talked about one message that reached a woman who was recently widowed, "No matter how bad you are feeling there is always someone thinking about you."

What started out as a small but thoughtful gesture, has turned into something that makes a huge difference in the lives of these women. Today, Seth takes the help of hired drivers to make sure all the requests are met. People can even send in their nominations to their Facebook page, which says, "we deliver roses to women who don't have anyone to spend that special day with, free of charge" in the about section. They also raise donations through their GoFundMe page.

Year after year, Seth and his brothers continue to brighten up the day of women who need a pick-me-up gesture in a very meaningful way.