Meghan Markle Wants To Pass A Heirloom To Her Daughter That Was Very Special To Princess Diana

Meghan Markle Wants To Pass A Heirloom To Her Daughter That Was Very Special To Princess Diana

Meghan Markle spoke of her heirloom plans even before getting married to Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were going to have a second child days before the sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the interview, the couple revealed they were having their baby girl in summer. With the new member on the way, Meghan has already decided what she wants to pass down to her as an heirloom. Apparently, Meghan thought of it even before meeting her prince charming, Harry. 

According to Hello! Magazine, Meghan who played the role of Rachel Zane for the television show Suits, once stated that she had bought herself a Cartier watch to celebrate the success of her show. At the time, Meghan revealed that she intended to make it her family heirloom. 


"I've always coveted the Cartier French Tank watch. When I found out Suits had been picked up for our third season — which, at the time, felt like such a milestone — I totally splurged and bought the two-tone version," said the Duchess. 

She also said that she would get the watch engraved before passing it down to her daughter. "I had it engraved on the back, 'To M.M. From M.M.' and I plan to give it to my daughter one day. That's what makes pieces special, the connection you have to them," she said. 

With Meghan's baby girl coming, she can finally fulfill her dream. Additionally, Meghan's thoughts would have been appreciated by Princess Diana as she too was a big fan of the watch brand. According to Today, Princess Diana was often seen donning her Cartier Tank watch.


Apart from the watch, Meghan also wants her daughter to have some other things.  “We wanted Rachel’s jewelry to feel personal, like family heirlooms. I’ve actually worn my grandmother’s charm bracelet and pearls from my mom on the show," said Meghan to Hello. 


Harry and Meghan are thrilled about the coming of the new member. Speaking to Oprah, Harry stated, "To have a boy then a girl — what more can you ask for?" They also admitted that they were not planning to expand the family beyond two kids. "Grateful, having any child, any one or a two would have been amazing, but to have a boy and then a girl ... now we've got our family and we've got four of us," said Harry. 

Previously, Meghan had revealed the couple's challenging times after undergoing a miscarriage. In a devastating essay for the New York Times, the Duchess wrote, "Losing a child means carrying an almost unbearable grief, experienced by many but talked about by few." 

Fortunately, the couple has reasons to rejoice now.