Hattie The Hottie! Meet The Grandma Who Is Rocking Her 80s And Going On Dates With Younger Men

Hattie The Hottie! Meet The Grandma Who Is Rocking Her 80s And Going On Dates With Younger Men

A life coach and author, this 82-year-old is inspiring people to take life by storm and be open about their desires.

The phenomenon of a woman doing whatever the hell she wants to do is always refreshing. Especially living as one pleases irrespective of the social norms of "appropriate" age. 82-year-old Hattie Retroage does not let her age stop her. She looks at least a decade younger than she actually is and has a passion like no one else. Hattie is all about accepting her natural self and being open to her desires as well.


"I call my "wrinkles" LIFELINES and I don't ever plan to use surgery or shots to erase or disguise them," she wrote in a Facebook post. "If I can't appreciate my natural, unique beauty, there's something wrong with ME, not with my skin. THINK THAT ONE OVER and find your own meaning for 'I'm worth it!'"


Before she got to where she is today, she's had her own journey of ups and downs. Hattie went to an arts college in New York, after which she met her ex-husband, according to the Daily Mail. Along with her ex-husband, she set up a dance school and later became a psychoanalyst to support her children as they went to college. Around this time, their marriage started falling apart when she realized that her husband wasn't doing enough to take care of them. "He did not work harder to get them to go to college, and that is what broke up our marriage," she said. "He became rageful and ugly to me, as I charged $100 and he charged $9 for dance classes. But that ultimately freed me."


In the year of 1984, they both got a divorce in their 50s. Today, Hattie is a life coach and a writer, inspiring people to take life by storm and conquer it. She has even authored a book called RetroAge: 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!. During her career, she combined her dancing wither psychoanalysis and started helping her clients through 'movement therapy'. 'I was touching people, able to find blocks in people's body's and tap or pound them out for release,' she said.


Hattie is extremely open about her sexual life, has sex up to three times a week and isn't bothered by what people might think about it. She knows what makes her happy and that's all that matters to her. When she started dating men of her own age, she realized that they weren't quite able to give her what she wanted. "One day I went out with a 60-year-old, and we had a lovely dinner and we were going back to his house when I found myself looking into a room with Beatles posters on the wall, and hockey sticks and stinky socks and I just thought - that's who I want to sleep with, not this man."


She mentioned that she's never met a man who rejected her and even uses apps to find dates. "'There are men that want older women and they are handsome, and buff, and all sorts of great things," she said. The chemistry between her and her date is extremely important for her. She went on to say, "I tell them in advance that I have to meet them for chemistry. We go out for a drink, and if the chemistry is right, we go to my apartment, and if not then we just leave each other."

When she was in her 70s, she was featured on Extreme Cougar Wives that premiered on TLC. And on the show, she was seen picking up a 25-year-old at a hotel swimming people and even sharing a blind date with a 29-year-old, according to New York Post.


She talked about how she was a completely different person in her marriage, but after her divorce, she was finally able to be her passionate self. “When I was 53, 54, I was a walking 'Yes, honey!'. I’d walk by a department store and say to a young guy, ‘Man, those shoes are gorgeous,’ and he’d say, ‘You’re gorgeous!’, ” she said.


Eventually, she started going out with younger men and found that they have the youthful energy and zest that she was looking for. After her hip replacement when she was in her mid-70s, her first questions to the doctor were when she could get back into dating and when she would be able to play with her grandchildren again.


Hattie has understood her body and grown to love it. She encourages women of all ages to be in tune with their body and be open about even their sexual desires. By making trips to the pool, having her own fitness routines, and taking vitamins, she continues feeling happy and healthy and has no plans of taking things slow.