Matt Damon Left Then-Girlfriend Minnie Driver Shocked When He Broke Up With Her On "The Oprah Show" Even Before Telling Her

Matt Damon Left Then-Girlfriend Minnie Driver Shocked When He Broke Up With Her On "The Oprah Show" Even Before Telling Her

Minnie Driver was madly in love with Matt Damon when he announced their split on television.

Every relationship has troubles and the most basic thing any partner expects is to have a conversation with their loved one regarding the issue. Even if they want to split, it is important for them to talk it out and part ways in a respectable manner.

Despite knowing this, some try to flee these difficult conversations by breaking up over texts or phone calls. Hollywood star, Matt Damon, however, took it to a whole new level. He decided to break up with his then-girlfriend, Minnie Driver on national television.


Damon met Driver when she auditioned for the Good Will Hunting in 1996. Driver was smitten and by the time they filmed their first scene together, the young actress was completely in love with Damon, according to Instyle. Soon, they began dating and even appearing together in public. Driver was supportive of Damon. Their movie was a big hit and the couple were doing well professionally too. However, everything that seemed perfect changed just a year later. Their relationship took an unexpected turn.


Damon, who was widely appreciated for his role in Good Will Hunting appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show after his big Oscar win. When asked about his relationship status, the actor responded that he was single and did not have a girlfriend despite being in a relationship with his co-actress Driver for more than a year.

Driver was astonished and had no idea about Damon's plan to break up off from their relationship. She was madly in love and thought they were still together. Moreover, just a month before appearing on the talk show with Oprah, he had talked about his love for her on the Late Show with David Letterman. Appearing on the show, Damon told Letterman that Driver "pretty much rocked my world."


The incident left the actress embarrassed. She felt disrespected after her boyfriend announced their split to the world even before telling her in person. After Damon's announcement, the couple parted ways but Driver remained bitter about the way their relationship ended.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times in July 1998, the actress stated, "It’s horrendous breaking up with someone anyway, but to have it be so public and to be cast in a role that I would never play if they were paying me–this wronged woman! It’s unfortunate that Matt went on ‘Oprah’; it seemed like a good forum for him to announce to the world that we were no longer together, which I found fantastically inappropriate. Of course, he was busy declaring his love for me on [the Late Show with] David Letterman a month previously," according to Cheat Sheet

Though years went by, Driver still carried the wounds of the unfortunate event. Speaking to Telegraph in May 2012, she recalled the time she fell in love with Damon. “In real life, by the time we filmed this scene, I was completely in love with Matt. I was blown away by his commitment to me as an actor, he was cute and intelligent and altogether a really charming package. I was young and I fell for him — it’s an occupational hazard,” said the actress to Telegraph.  Further, she stated that the success that came with the movie changed their relationship.


"Suddenly, the interest in Matt and me as a couple went bonkers. But then we split up very publicly that April, which was grim, and it turned from this beautiful thing into something so dark," said the 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress, according to Cheat Sheet.

The unexpected breakup hurt her and the actress wished they had ended their relationship in a much better way. “I’m always really sad that we didn’t stay friends because it was absolutely incandescent making that film. It was a beautiful experience and I’m so proud of that time," said Driver, according to Cheat Sheet.