Pregnant "Married At First Sight" Star Jamie Otis Apologizes For Vacationing In Florida Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Pregnant "Married At First Sight" Star Jamie Otis Apologizes For Vacationing In Florida Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The reality TV star had traveled to Florida with her husband and child when she was labeled selfish for risking others.

Married at First Sight and Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One star Jamie Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner, recently traveled with daughter Henley Grace, 2, to Siesta Key, Florida, despite the coronavirus outbreak. Otis shared images from a maternity photoshoot they had during their vacation and apologized for "risking" others after being labeled "selfish" after going on vacation during this difficult time. 

"I want to send out a sincere apology to YOU bc by me going out to 'live as normal as possible' I was risking YOU and YOUR FAMILY. I’m a registered nurse and I should know better. I’m ashamed of myself for this and I’m genuinely sorry. We will not be living so frivolously any longer," she said on her Instagram account. 

She further added, "I have gloves & masks for our trip home tomorrow & of course sanitizer...to protect ourselves and to protect *others* from us and our silly choices. It’ll be our last trip out for a long, long time. No matter what we “need” we will not be going to the grocery store or any other place for two full weeks once we get home. Our plan is to STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!"


The 32-weeks pregnant reality TV star clarified that she was unaware of how "serious this corona virus is." "We fly home tomorrow and I’d be lying if I said I’m not scared. I wish we went home a couple weeks ago," she added. 

Otis said that she always admits when she's wrong. "I believe that those who can recognize their faults, apologize, and take action to change are good people. I try not to live in fear. I really believed if I just kept a safe distance & sanitized myself, my family, and everything we touched we’d be fine going out & living as normal as possible," she clarified. However, she also admitted that she did go to the beach, pool, and a playground with her family.


In a previous post, she shared how she was in a dilemma about whether she should go home early or not. "I’m not one to panic over viruses I’ve been hoping the expectations for the corona virus spreading would be like the weather predictions....ya know, when they predict some ginormous nor’easter storm and it turns out to be a little windy and maybe a couple inches of snow. Seems like that isn’t the case with the #coronavirus ...it’s predicted by scientists and doctors to get even WORSE...and it’s been proven so in Italy already," she said. 

She also revealed that she has Braxton Hicks, also known as false labor pains, "and they can still be pretty intense." She definitely planned to travel back to New Jersey one way or the other, since her medical team is there.


Jamie, who is pregnant for the fourth time, previously said that she got pregnant for the second time after 18 months of trying and two miscarriages. She got pregnant only eight months after her last miscarriage, which was her second in four months. "Of course I am being cautiously optimistic, but I have a feeling this little one is going to stick,'' she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you, thank you, *THANK YOU!* for all the encouragement, love, & prayers,'' she wrote. "IT WORKED! WE ARE FINALLY PREGNANT !!!!!"

They had visited a fertility specialist for help after their difficulties in conceiving. In November 2019, they revealed that they are having a baby boy after meeting and getting married on the show. She had previously been a contestant on season 16 of The Bachelor. In December, the couple were in a difficult period and she said that she was "praying to god" after doctors found possible signs of cancer, according to the Sun UK.

She revealed that the doctors found "abnormal" cells and a biopsy can only be done after she gives birth. With a difficult medical history, traveling across the country could have been a potential risk for the reality TV star.


The state she visited, Florida, until recently, had been open to crowds and partying spring breakers had flocked there to spend some downtime even though they were asked to stay home. That led to some students getting infected with coronavirus. Later, some counties in Florida issued a stay-at-home order, according to FloridaPolitics