Marie Osmond's Pain Of Losing Her 18YO Son Was The "Hardest Thing" She Had To Ever Deal With

Marie Osmond's Pain Of Losing Her 18YO Son Was The "Hardest Thing" She Had To Ever Deal With

Marie Osmond's son called her a day before his death. He was distressed and told her he did not have any friends.

The death of a child is shattering to any mother who loves and dreams of their child's future. Marie Osmond loved her son, Michael Blosil, who was the fourth eldest out of her eight children. Unfortunately, on 26 February 2010, Osmond was awakened by a piece of news that changed her life forever. Her son was no more. Recalling her emotions as she heard the news, Osmond stated it felt like “someone had run a knife into my heart.”

Michael whom she lovingly called Mike jumped to death from the eighth floor of his apartment. He was just 18 at the time and was pursuing studies at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 


Before taking his life, the teenager also left behind a note stating the reason for his action. He said that he was suffering from depression and that it had taken a toll on him. 

"[He] was probably the easiest child of all my kids. He was so fun. And cute. And darling. It wasn't until my son started using drugs that I saw him change," said the grieving mother to Oprah.

Blosil struggled with drugs from the age of 12 and went to rehab multiple times. However, he was a changed young man before his death. In 2009, Osmond revealed that her son was finally clean. 


Speaking to Oprah, the devasted mother revealed that her son was in a better place in life before his death. She even recalled him telling her that he had "never been happier" in his life during their last meeting. However, things went downhill very quickly. On the day before his death, he called Osmond. He was distressed and told her he did not have any companions. "It was the first time I heard him start to cry and say he was alone. That he had no friends. That he felt despair," said Osmond. She added, "I told him: 'Mike, I'm going to be there Monday, and it's going to be okay.' But depression doesn't wait till Monday."



Looking back at her son's decision to end his life, Osmond stated that she understood why he took the plunge.  "He had made that decision, I guess. He loved his family, but ... the pain was too intense," said Osmond, who has suffered from post-partum depression. 

Apart from depression, Osmond also revealed that Blosil had too much on the plate that he was struggling with. He was "dealing with a lot. He's one of my kids. He's dealing with adoption issues, all kinds of things right now," said the country singer to talk show host Larry King. "I've been through some tough things in my life. This is probably the hardest thing I've been through," said Osmond, alluding to her son's death. 


Though years have gone by, Osmond still bears the pain of Blosil's loss. In her book, The Key Is Love, she wrote, "You cry until you can’t cry, and then you cry some more," according to People