Man Mocks Women Who Have Period Pain And Compares It To Skinned Knee | Response From Women All Over Shuts Him Up

Man Mocks Women Who Have Period Pain And Compares It To Skinned Knee | Response From Women All Over Shuts Him Up

When a man decides to take charge and explain that a skinned knee is more painful than period cramps... all hell will break loose.

It is happening again. First, we had a man who thought that he knew how many pads women needed for their periods... 90 for 9 months. That caught your attention, didn't it? Well, you can read about it here.

But now, we have a man who's comparing a skinned knee to period pain and then decided to post it on Twitter... for everyone to see. And I mean everyone.



It all started when Twitter user @_sargee used the platform to post a picture of a soccer player scraping the field alongside a picture of a pair of scraped knees. Then he captioned it... wait for it... "Until women experience this, I don’t wanna hear about period pains."



Yeah... that definitely didn't go over too well as women destroyed him in the comments. With no lack of sarcasm and anger, women on the Twitterverse, along with some men too were ready to rip him apart for his last three brain cells having a sad brain fart. 

Some of these comments are dripping with so much sarcasm, it could fill Willy Wonka's chocolate river. This thread especially:







"Sure, scraped knees are worse":



And this gem of a comment:



Some women tried to educate him:



Until he replied:







And then there were others who didn't even grace his post with actual words... just GIFs:



Apparently, his IQ leaves something to be desired:



Still waiting for his IQ to kick in:



And then came the debunking because they found that the knees in the picture belong to a girl!:



Some are genuinely confused by his twisted logic:



How is playing sports anything like periods?:



And women have never had skinned knees... ever:





Some women even shared their own skinned knees stories:





Of course, the reactions might be funny to see or highly relatable, these kinds of comments bring to light exactly how little respect and importance is still given to women's issues. Especially the ones men have no way of experiencing or understanding. It shows us that there are still men out there who are unwilling to sit down and educate themselves on a health condition that their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and daughters all have no choice but to endure.

But there are women as well as men who are willing to educate men like them. So all hope is not lost.