Man Wants To Divorce Wife Because She Got Pregnant Unexpectedly And Is Enraged That She Wants To Keep The Child

Man Wants To Divorce Wife Because She Got Pregnant Unexpectedly And Is Enraged That She Wants To Keep The Child

A man took to Reddit to talk about how his wife lied to him about taking birth-control pills. Not expecting to have children, he was shocked by his wife's unexpected pregnancy.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. So, when partners feel betrayed by the one they love, they often lose their cool. One man came on Reddit to tell his story. His partner's actions have left him feeling disappointed. 

A man with the username throwitallaway2998 took to the social platform after his wife lied to him about using birth control pills. He said that he and his 29-year-old wife had decided on not having kids very early in the relationship. However, he had not got a vasectomy immediately. 

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"Now I’ve been putting off getting a vasectomy, I did get one a few weeks ago but I was just procrastinating it which was my fault I guess. However, I used condoms and my wife has been on birth control since she was 14, so we were all good," wrote the man. He then went on to recall an incident. "So about 2 weeks before the vasectomy, me and the wife were getting down to business and I realized that I’d ran out of condoms, she reminded me that she’s on birth control so we proceeded with the deed," said the anonymous man. 

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However, after 2 weeks of getting his vasectomy, he was surprised by a shocking discovery. His wife informed him that she was six weeks pregnant and had not been taking birth control for months. "..she wants to keep the kid which I am very against, she’s very fucking ecstatic which shocked me cause obviously she’s against having kids too. I feel so damn betrayed in this situation, she knows I’m very against kids and not only that but I was a foster child and don’t know anything about my parents so I have no clue what inheritable diseases I may have," wrote the worried man. 

Surprised and annoyed by his wife, the man told users that he was planning to divorce her. "So much so that I’m thinking of divorcing her if she’s not willing to get rid of it, and to be honest I might divorce her anyways cause of the crap she pulled with the birth control," wrote the man.

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He informed the users that he hadn't told his wife about the decision. He then asked them a piece of advice on his problem. Reddit users were quick to help the man caught in a dilemma. 

"It sounds like the wife didn’t take birth control because she wanted a kid but knew her husband wouldn’t. Maybe she was the one who threw out the condoms," wrote one. While another wrote, "it definitely sounds like she tricked him and I can’t blame him for feeling betrayed." 

Most of the users supported the man and blamed the wife for revealing her plans to have a baby beforehand.