Man Wakes From Coma Only To Find That His ENTIRE Household Died While He Battled To Stay Alive|"It Was Just Disbelief"

Man Wakes From Coma Only To Find That His ENTIRE Household Died While He Battled To Stay Alive|"It Was Just Disbelief"

Scott Miller's condition was critical but he pulled through. He wants everyone to take the virus seriously.

Life is unexpected and sometimes just shocks you. A man from Edinburgh was unpleasantly surprised by fate after he woke up from a coma. His entire family had passed away and he was the only one surviving.

According to BBC News, Scott Miller stayed with his 76-year-old mother, Norma, and her 69-year-old partner. On 21 March 2020, his mother had a fall at their shared flat. Though the son tried to help his mother to her feet, he was not successful.

Later, an ambulance took the pensioner to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. On examination, she was tested positive for Covid-19. The young man visited his mother a couple of times not knowing he was also falling ill. Just a week after his mother's accident and diagnosis, Miller became critically-ill and was admitted to the hospital.


His condition was so bad that the young man went into a medically-induced coma. By then, the virus had spread across the country and a lockdown was implemented. Miller was in the ICU but his mother was fighting for her life. However, he had no idea. Days later, the man's sister-in-law was informed that Norma had died. Later, her partner too passed away, according to the New York Post

"On the Sunday morning we got a call to say Norma had passed away, and we got a call from the consultant to say that Scott was very ill as well. Then Norma's partner passed away the following Sunday," recalled Sharlene Miller, the sister-in-law of the man, according to BBC News.

Meanwhile, Miller's condition began to deteriorate. His kidneys failed and the man also suffered from pneumonia and blood clots. Sharlene recalled that his situation was so critical that they feared they would be forced to make a decision on removing his life support.

"In the week between Norma's funeral and her partner's funeral, each day Scott seemed to deteriorate and they were running out of options. We were at the point where we were maybe going to have to make a decision about turning off his life support," said the woman.


Though they all thought they had lost Miller too, they were surprised with a piece of happy news. The hospital informed that his condition had stabilized.

"On 15 April they nearly lost him. We got a phone call and we thought that was them saying that Scott had passed away, but they'd managed to stabilize him again," recalled the woman, according to the BBC. 

The family had already gone through a difficult time and they could not imagine another member of their household losing their life. "There was a sense of relief obviously, because I don't think we could have coped with losing Scott as well. When we were able to speak to him and see him, we were elated with that. It was lovely," said Sharlene. 

Miller was finally out of the ICU after three weeks but he knew something wrong had happened to his mother. As he felt better, the nurse revealed that his mother had passed away. Miller was devastated.

"When I came round, I just had a gut feeling that something had happened to mum and when the nurse told me it was just disbelief and shock. It was very hard," recalled the man. He added, "When I was upstairs in ICU fighting for my life, my mum was in a ward downstairs, basically passing away."


As days went by, he realized her partner too was gone, living him alone in a house where they lived happily. "Again it was just disbelief that it had taken two people who were part of my everyday life." said the man, according to BBC News.

The man, who is heartbroken by his loss is determined to share his story with others and help them understand the seriousness of the illness.

"People need to understand it's a real killer, I don't think people are really taking it seriously. People need to know we're not out of it yet. They need to know, just be safe and secure and watch out," said Miller. On the other hand, he thanked the NHS and all the staff that treated him.