Man Tells College Student 'Don't Dress Like A Wh*re' After She Allegedly Catches Him Taking Photos Of Her

Man Tells College Student 'Don't Dress Like A Wh*re' After She Allegedly Catches Him Taking Photos Of Her

The young woman was picking up a few things at a store for the start of her first year of school.

Trigger Warning: The article contains details of verbal abuse and racial slurs that may be distressing to some readers.

A young woman was shopping for her first day of college when she ran into a man who allegedly took photos of her without her consent. She then confronted and began recording him. The video she took was posted on TikTok and has over 10 million views. It was posted by Ash (@khaleesi28888888888). According to Comic Sands, Ash was shopping at Walmart when the incident took place. When she confronted the man, he got verbally aggressive and started to slut-shame her. In the Tik Tok video, the text read: "I just moved here yesterday for college and I catch this dude taking pictures of my a**. Shoutout to whoever this dude is that walked in by the red shirt. He stood with me until I left because I was so shaken up."

Ash alleges that the man was taking pictures of her backside. In the video, she can be heard politely telling him to back off. "Please, go away from me. Go to a different spot." The man started to get more agitated. "I'm getting cigarettes. Get the f*ck out of my face, you f*cking c*nt." The young woman responded, "No, you walked towards me. Don't take pictures of me." To which he replied, multiple times, "Don't dress like a wh*re." Ash is shaken up by this point. "Can you just go away? You're making me really uncomfortable," she said. "You're a f*cking cheap a** wh*re," the man replied.


The TikTok community responded in support of Ash and someone even ended up tracking the individual! @tizzyent shared the video with his 3.4 million followers to help track down the man and got a response from him! He told @tizzyent via message: "It's taken me a while but I finally found you. You seem to use lies when the truth would've been so much better. Michael I'm going to sue you. You need to get your facts straight. you don't have a fracture. I'm going to sue you Michael deformation of character (sic)."

“He’s claiming that he was not taking her picture,” said @tizzyent in his own video, which has received more than 1.7 million views since being posted on Sept. 28. “And he seems to think that’s the reason everybody thinks he’s a piece of shit.” @tizzyent clarifies that the man is being criticized for verbally abusing and slut-shaming the young woman and telling her to not dress like a wh*re. @tizzyent also posted vulgar messages from the man who threatened to send people photos of his genitals and using racial slurs. 


As for Ash she had said she would go to the police if the man's identity was confirmed. In a follow-up video, she thanked her followers and those who watched the video for their support and said that she was told that the man was spotted elsewhere exhibiting similar behavior. “I will be taking legal action to the best of my ability,” she said. But now it looks like for her own safety, she's decided to step away from the situation. 

Source: TikTok/@khaleesi28888888888