Man Takes A Nap Worth $6,982 During the Super Bowl And Goes Viral Even Before Waking Up

Man Takes A Nap Worth $6,982 During the Super Bowl And Goes Viral Even Before Waking Up

One of the fans at the massive event captured a man sleeping during the first quarter of the game. And her tweet went viral within minutes.

Every American looks forward to the Super Bowl. Calling it one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year would hardly be an understatement. While some decide to watch the game at home on their comfortable couches with bowls of popcorn and snacks surrounded by their family and friends, others want to experience the game in the stadium. Though it is an expensive affair, thousands of people make their way to enjoy the game in the thrilling environment sporting their favorite team jerseys. One man seemed to have come with the intention of seeing the most exciting match between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on 2nd February 2020. However, it looked like he had a long night before the big day.


In a video posted by Twitter user Karisa Maxwell, thousands of people dressed in red were seen cheering their teams during the first quarter of the 2020 Super Bowl. They were all up on their feet clapping and cheering. However, one man was seen having an "expensive" nap. Dressed in a blue tee-shirt and white trousers, the man was seen sleeping in one of those seats that were priced an average of $6,982, according to SBNation.


The video that was tweeted received a lot of attention. Twitter went all out debating the reasons behind his nap in the midst of a roaring crowd. "He’s had a little too much to drink!" wrote one Twitter user.

"When you just coached four junior basketball games, put away holiday decorations, made a Walmart run and then remembered you bought a ticket to the Big Game," tweeted Walmart.


Others doubted if the two empty seats beside him were also bought by him to sleep much comfortably. "I wonder if he purchased the other two seats for comfort during his slumber?" wrote a user.




While some criticized the man's choice to sleep through one of the biggest events of the year, others were stunned by his nap. "I can think of better places to take a $15,000 nap," wrote a user. "This is the most expensive nap I’ve ever seen....," wrote a clearly astonished user.

Some even shared funny memes and paved the way for some hilarious humor.




Meanwhile, Maxwell informed Twitter users that the man had woken up from his nap. She wrote, "He just woke up ... oh no, should I tell him?" However, before she could approach him, his friend told him he had become a viral internet star. He even showed him the video. Whatever be the reason for his nap, he surely cracked up the internet.