Man Sells Thousands Of Cheesesteaks To Take Terminally Ill Mother On A Vacation She Always Wanted

Man Sells Thousands Of Cheesesteaks To Take Terminally Ill Mother On A Vacation She Always Wanted

26-year-old Dustin Vitale was determined to turn his terminally ill mother's dream to see the Egyptian pyramids into a reality.

Gloria Walker had always dreamed of traveling to Giza to have a nice vacation with her family and to see the pyramids. She lost hope when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. At least according to her, there was no way she could pay for a vacation while dealing with her health. Her son Dustin Vitale was however determined to turn his mother's dream into a reality. He sold thousands of cheesesteaks to raise funds for his mother's dream vacation, reported the Good News Network.


The 26-year-old who teaches History at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School decided to use the very cheesesteaks he so loves to raise funds. Dustin along with his whole family which includes his wife Hailey, father, Stepfather, stepmother, sister, and brother, and few close friends worked on making cheesesteaks for sale. The team was at it since February and Vitale chronicled their efforts on Instagram, soon gathering a growing circle of cheesesteak-loving supporters. “We didn’t know how long the hype was going to last, so we decided to just keep telling everyone and see how many we get. We ended up doing 94 in one day and we were like just blown away," Vitale said in an interview with the Philadelphia Enquirer. reported the Good News Network.


Award-winning Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov soon became a fan of Vitale and the crew and gave them a five-star Instagram thumbs-up both for their cause and their cooking.
The demand increased and without a commercial kitchen, Vitale found it hard to keep up with the orders. That’s when a local food truck owner offered to let him and his crew work out of his mobile cooking facility. 


Within six weeks, the group had raised $18,000 which was enough for Vitale to take the family to Egypt with money to spare. People were now curious if Vitale intends to make this a permanent business. "So many people say, ‘Are you going to jump into this and open up a shop? I could never. I love doing this on the side. My heart and passion is teaching and for the students," Vitale told the Enquirer. The devoted son further said, “If she (mother) would have asked to go to the moon. I would have made that happen, as well," reported the Good News Network