Man Goes Down On One Knee With SIX Different Engagement Rings In Enviable Proposal

Man Goes Down On One Knee With SIX Different Engagement Rings In Enviable Proposal

Dennis Brown wanted his engagement to be perfect. He proposed to the love of his life with six rings.

Going down on one knee to pop the big question is without a doubt, nerve wracking. When you consider the fact that the answer will decide how you spend the rest of your life, the proposal should be the kind that the answer will be a definite yet. Which is exactly why one young man decided to leave no stone unturned when he proposed to his girlfriend, quite literally! Well, almost. The unusual proposal saw not one or two but SIX different diamond rings, and had left Dennis Brown II's girlfriend floored.


According to Fox News, Dennis Brown II, a model, and fitness enthusiast popped the question to his girlfriend Atara Dallas with six engagement rings in different shapes and sizes. “I won at life with her, so she deserves six rings to choose from,” wrote Brown on his Instagram. The images online showed his lady love quite stunned by the proposal. She obviously said Yes and picked a teardrop engagement from the six choices presented to her.


His over the top engagement not only had six rings but also involved a lot of planning. Like most partners, Dennis wanted everything to be just perfect for the one he loved. He hired an event planner, a stylist, a photographer, florist, and even a drapery designer to make sure everything was exactly as he wanted it to be.


The young man even wrote down some heart felt words for his woman into a banner that was used as the backdrop for his proposal. "A woman, whose heart is full of love and devotion to me, a woman whose loyalty to all those she loves stands unmatched, a woman whose generosity and willingness to help others around her flourish knows no depths. A woman who single-handedly made me believe that a soulmate, a lover, a prayer warrior, a confidant and a best friend could be wrapped up in one amazingly beautiful soul that was handcrafted for me. That’s why today I wanted to give you the greatest gift that I could ever give you……my heart and soul completely, unwavering and all yours……will you accept and hold my hand in yours through this journey?" was written on the floor-length backdrop reported Metro.


The pictures of the engagement caught the attention of people online. While some were astonished by the gesture and happy for the couple, others criticized the young man who decided to pop the question with so many rings. "Call me old fashioned but I feel like if the guy is proposing he should know you well enough to pick a ring for you," said a woman while another wrote, "To the man who proposed with six yes SIX rings for his girl to choose from..honestly good job. I hope this trend catches on."


Regardless of the opinions and criticisms, Dennis and Atara found each other and will soon be a married couple.