Daring Man Goes Down On One Knee 3000ft Above Ground To Propose To His Girlfriend

Daring Man Goes Down On One Knee 3000ft Above Ground To Propose To His Girlfriend

Kristian Richards decided to take his proposal to another level when he came up with the plan to propose his girlfriend on top of a dangerous cliff.

Asking the love of your life to marry you is a big step and everybody wants to make sure that they do it in the perfect way possible. Kristian Richards was one of those guys but his definition of perfect also meant it should be different. So he chose the craziest location he could think of to pop the question to his girlfriend Bex Morley.

According to Daily Mail, Kristian Richards proposed to his girlfriend atop one of the most exciting hiking locations in possibly the entire world, in Norway. A factory worker from England, Kristian had carefully planned his entire proposal.


Wanting to make it as special and personal for his lady love as he could, a "dramatic" proposal is what the 33-year-old had in mind when they were hiking on the Kjerag mountain, Norway. He took his girlfriend to a massive boulder wedged between two cliffs here and decided to go down on one knee at the iconic spot. While the location is dangerous enough to set your heart racing, the phenomenal proposal and the mesmerizing landscape around would have only added to the thrill.

"Most people are terrified their girlfriend might say no — but I had other things to worry about. I was worried I'd drop the ring. If it went, we weren't getting it back," said the 33-year-old to The Sun.


The very daring proposal that took place 3000ft above the ground was luckily a successful one. “It was scary but Bex was more worried than me. She was scared I was going to slide off. She said Yes — but I think she just wanted to get off the boulder,” Kristian said.


According to News Nation, Yasushi "Yassan" Takahashi, a man from Tokyo is also well known for his incredible proposal. The 31-year-old realized that his girlfriend was The One in 2008. The young man could not think of just a ring proposal to convey his love to his girlfriend. Yassan traveled nearly 4,500 miles around Japan to spell "Marry me" on Google Earth using a GPS device. The journey took him about 6 months. His amazing proposal was even shared by Google on its social media.


These proposals may have all looked crazy. But how can we deny the power of love that inspired them to come up with such out of the box ideas?