Man Marries His Lover 2 Days Before She Died of Breast Cancer

Man Marries His Lover 2 Days Before She Died of Breast Cancer

Ben Cooper married Jen 2 days before she loses her battle to breast cancer. She is survived by 5 daughters.

Ben Cooper, 34, married Jen, 44, on November 14 in a small ceremony in her hospital room where she had been battling breast cancer. She passed away only 2 days later. Jenn has two daughters, aged 15 and 12 from her previous marriage, and has three daughters aged 9, 8, and 5 with Cooper.

Ben spoke to Epoch Times regarding their small yet overwhelming wedding, "I love the wedding that I had. It was really special. I was babbling, trying to say sorry for a lot of things." Cooper wanted to marry the love of his life and wanted to stand by as her husband as she took her last breath. Their wedding was rushed as Jen's condition was worsening day by day. He says, "I was worried the kids were going to be really disappointed that this big wedding they’d been planning with their mom for weeks and weeks and weeks wasn’t going to happen." 




However, he says that the kids were very happy at their wedding which consisted of lots of overwhelming moments, champagne, and a hand massage for the bride. Cooper shared this emotional moment on Twitter. "I finally married the love of my life. I’m heartbroken that this marriage will be counted in days, not years." Just two days after their wedding he got a call from the hospital that Jen's condition is worsening. He went to the hospital to spend some time with her, read her a book, and talk to her. That night at around 2 AM, Ben and a couple of nurses helped Jenn get back into bed when she was on the verge of falling out. Cooper then took her hand in his, and a nurse sat and took his hand in hers.



He recalled, "I made a stupid joke because the TV had been on all night. The last thing she heard was, ‘All of your kids love you,’ and she was gone.” Their love tale began in university when they first met and it was love at first sight for both of them. Cooper had a geology degree, and Jen had previously worked as a forensic scientist. They both, however, desired to retrain as maths professors. Though Jen was married at that time, Jen separated from her husband at the end of that semester and her journey with Cooper began. However, in 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was successful in battling it the first time but the year she celebrated her five-year cancer-free anniversary, it all came back. 



Ben recalls, "A friend of ours worked at the hospital and had a quiet word in someone’s ear, and said, ‘Look, can you just give us an insight into how long we’re looking at?'" He adds, "They said, ‘We’re looking at days.'" They decided to rush their nuptials and get married before Jen breathed her last. Cooper remembers his wife fondly and says, "The kids were her world. You kind of want to believe God’s got a plan. It’s a hard one to see, at the moment. But sometimes you do think … when things are seeming to work out, and we’re getting into a routine, the kids went to school, and I’m feeling myself step up to be more of a dad than I was before." 

He has started journaling his experience of raising the kids alone as Jen was in the hospital and hopes that he can help single fathers with hope and inspiration to raise a family in case they lose their partners due to the tragedy of fate.




Cover Image Source: Twitter/Ben Cooper