Man Leaves Creepy Note Signed Along With $1,000 Tip For Waitress, Says "Beautiful Nippl*s Princess"

Man Leaves Creepy Note Signed Along With $1,000 Tip For Waitress, Says "Beautiful Nippl*s Princess"

The food bill had only come to $128.

One of the most difficult parts of being in the service industry is being polite to disrespectful customers. But what do you do when they leave an extremely generous tip? Working in a restaurant is physically and emotionally demanding as it is, so how do you cope with "creepy customers"? One man left a disturbing note for a waitress at what seems like a restaurant but added in a $1,000 tip. His food bill came up to $128 but he decided to drop a big tip to the woman serving at his table. Before you call this an act of kindness the man's generosity was tarnished by his extremely creepy message. He left two separate comments on the food bill. He wrote: "Beautiful nipples princess", and 'Call me" using a black pen. He also signed his name as, "The Master @ gentleman luxury." 

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The image of the bill has been shared on a thread aptly named "All Things Trashy!" The thread was for users to share "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic, and downright trashy." The receipt went viral after being posted on Reddit by u/Zayyded. Many users expressed sympathy for the woman who received it, with one male Redditor commenting, "I would feel so grimy receiving this message". Another Redditor responded to the note saying, "As creepy as this is, if it were me I’d be flattered. Compliment and a fat tip. Still not calling though." A third said, "As a person who has worked in the service industry for years I can say there’s not an ounce in my body that would be upset by this."

A few Internet users joked around  "shamefully" admitting they wouldn't mind receiving such a note as long as it was accompanied by $1,000. Others called it out as 'harassment' and urged the woman to throw the receipt away and never contact this man who deems himself "The Master". Some people questioned if this incident took place at a strip club. One Redditor wrote: "Moonshadows" plus the nipples sort of gives it away. Another claims that the place is likely to be a restaurant in California. One person even called the whole thing a scam and that The Master will be disputing that charge later: It’s an old scam. Use the tip to get attention or more, then dispute the charge with the bank saying that it’s ridiculous that anyone would tip $1000 on a $128 meal. Some argued that the picture is fake. One person noted that the bottom of the receipt is cut off, so this must be the “customer copy” not the “merchant copy” that generally goes to the restaurant. According to a writer for God.DailyDot who claims to be a former waitress writes: Here’s a real tip: it doesn’t actually matter which copy you sign, as long as there’s a signature the restaurant can keep. Spoken as a former waitress. Take the money and throw away The Master.

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