‘Heroic’ Man Runs Inside Burning House to Save Five Children | He Entered Twice to Rescue the Six-Year-Old

‘Heroic’ Man Runs Inside Burning House to Save Five Children | He Entered Twice to Rescue the Six-Year-Old

The LPD expressed their gratitude to Nicholastic Bostic for his selfless and courageous actions for which he will be publicly recognized.

An Indiana father was hurt while rescuing five children from a blazing house. 

According to an LPD announcement, Nicholas Bostic, a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver from Lafayette, received serious smoke inhalation and a cut on his arm after jumping out the second-story window of the blazing house with a 6-year-old during Monday's rescue. 



He told investigators that he noticed the flames about midnight while driving by the block. He couldn't call 911 so without wasting any time, he ran into the house through the backdoor, yelling out about the danger. After receiving no answer, he continued to rush upstairs where he found four children, aged one to eighteen who were alerted by his shouts. He helped them escape the burning house.

Once they were outside, the youngsters warned Bostic that a 6-year-old could still be inside. He raced back in without hesitation, returning to the bedroom upstairs. When he couldn't find anyone after his frantic search, he started looking for a way out but the stairwell he had entered through had turned into a "black lagoon" of smoke.



When Bostic opened a window to exit, he heard a child cry downstairs. Despite being scared, Bostic bravely followed the cries of the child through the black smoke after covering his mouth and nose with his shirt. After finding her, Bostic couldn't remember his way back to the backdoor. But he carried the child back upstairs and punched open a window.

Defying every obstacle, he jumped from the window ensuring that the child stays safe when he lands. 

Bostic can be seen dragging the child from around the side of the flaming house and giving them over to first responders before doctors administer to him on a neighboring grass in bodycam footage published by LPD. He can be heard saying in the footage, "Is the baby OK? Please tell me that baby's OK."



Bostic was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital and treated until he was released on Wednesday. Kara Lewis, Bostic's girlfriend, posted a photo of him smiling in his hospital gown on Facebook. She wrote in the caption, "And we're going home!!" 

LPD said in the statement, "Nicholas Bostic's heroic actions saved lives. His selflessness during this incident is inspiring, and he has impressed many with his courage, tenacity and steadfast calmness in the face of such perilous danger. The Lafayette Police Department and the Honorable Mayor Tony Roswarski are eternally grateful for Nicholas' intervention and would like to publicly recognize him for his actions." 



Bostic will be recognized during the Lafayette Aviators' National Night Out on August 2. Supporters may use the code FUND2022 to save $2 and donate $4 to Bostic's GoFundMe campaign, or they can donate to his Facebook fundraiser to assist cover the costs of his medical bills.







Cover Image Source: Nick Bostic/Facebook