Man Installs Safe In Refrigerator To Prevent Fiance From Stealing His Chocolates

Man Installs Safe In Refrigerator To Prevent Fiance From Stealing His Chocolates

Who said relationships were easy

Relationships often require you to share many things, but the chocolate, apparently, is not one of them. At least it is not for this one man who got so sick of his fiance stealing his share of candy that he installed a safe in the fridge. Stacey Lowe shared the story on Facebook, leaving the internet in splits.


Stacy has been with her soon-to-husband David Williams for a while now, and the couple has made it past some major milestones together, like moving in and having a baby. This, however, was still not enough to convince Stacey to look past David’s ‘crime’. “this is what it has come too! you buy a house together, have a child together, get engaged, are planning a wedding and doing your house up and this happens!”, she wrote in a post along with photos of her fiancé’s ‘candy safe’ inside their fridge.


Apparently, Lowe had a habit of ‘borrowing’ her fiancée’s candy, and it drove him to actually invest in a whole lockbox for their fridge to keep her away from it. To make things worse, the safe is transparent to ensure that she can see what is inside and crave for it but never really get to ‘steal’ it. Stacey, who is clearly not happy about this, is asking around if anyone wants her fiance, “Anyone want him?” she wrote. “Surely this is breakup material right?!,” she asked.



The post went viral, with over 58,000 shares on Facebook. Users were divided and turned it into a battle of the sexes, some people were praising David for his brilliant strategy while others ‘advised’ Stacey to dump him immediately. Of course, they were joking, or at least we hope they were. In the end, many agreed that this is what made relationships fun - petty fights, inside jokes, and being territorial about food. Also why breakup when you can get even! “Think I need to invest in one for myself,” Stacey wrote on Facebook. “Now 2 can play that game!” she said. Soon there was a followup post about how she actually did get a safe and David has been trying to guess the password since.