Man Dies Due To Sealing Penis Shut With Super Glue After He Forgot To Bring A Condom

Man Dies Due To Sealing Penis Shut With Super Glue After He Forgot To Bring A Condom

The 25-year-old was found unconscious in a bush near a hotel.

A 25-year-old man named Salman Mirza in India forgot to carry a condom and the consequences turned deadly. The young man chose to "seal off" his penis with superglue that is generally used to bond metals, glass, concrete, ceramics, wood, and plastics. Salman and his fiancée visited a hotel in the city of Ahmedabad on June 22. The next day, he was discovered unconscious in a bush near the hotel. He was later rushed to the hospital and dies as a result of multiple organ failure, reports VICE India.



“They used to abuse a drug that involved a whitener and the adhesive, which is inhaled to get a kick,” an official investigating the case told News18. “They used the adhesive to avoid pregnancy. Unfortunately, the adhesive damaged Salman’s organs, and he died due to multiple organ failure.” His friends believe that the chemicals contributed to him being unconscious and officials believe that the use of the industrial-strength glue on a body part could have contributed to the death. The young man's relatives reportedly filed a complaint with the local police requesting an inquiry into his death. “We are waiting for the report on the deceased’s viscera sample that has been sent for forensic examination,” deputy police commissioner Premsukh Delu told The Times of India. The 25-year-old was the only earning member of his family which included his elderly parents and two sisters. 



The case is a tragic reminder of the lack of sex education in the country. Sex is a taboo topic in the country and as a result, there is very little push for intensive sex education. Many experts believe that parents should play an important role in educating their children. Swati Jagdish a sex educator in the country tells The Better India, "A lot of problems we see today in society and in our lives, can be avoided if parents begin to have open conversations with their children, especially in terms of sex education and that is why I decided to elaborate on this through my platform. On Instagram, I preach what I practice at home with my own daughter,” said Swati.


“Sex education is not always about sex. It can start with consent and dispelling the idea that a baby must always obey. Parents cannot expect to have an open conversation with their children and become their ‘friends’ when the child is 10 or 12 years old, if they have hushed conversations about body, anatomy, consent, gender identity, etc, in the formative years. You don’t need to lecture your child about these issues but normalize it. Children are extremely attentive and constantly watching their parents and trying to imitate them. As a parent, you are and should be their primary source of information and guidance. While I can speak about these issues online, personally, I want to empower parents to become sex educators for their children. This will not only help parents ensure that the kids get the correct information but also facilitate in strengthening their bond,” added Swati.